25th ID Unit Equipment List

There exist three levels of uniform and equipment requirements for the combat infantry impression. The third level, while not required, will complete the impression satisfactorily, and is recommended for those who are serious about their impression. All supporting / specialized personnel such as truck drivers, track drivers, clerks, etc are required to have level 1 combat clothing and selected items from level 1 field equipment for their personal safety. Required field equipment for support personnel is noted with **.

All clothing and equipment must be kept serviceable. All shirts, jackets and coats are required to have Division insignia on left shoulder and rank insignia on both arms if applicable.

Level 1

Combat Clothing
___Coat, Mens, Cotton,  Poplin or Rip-stop, OG-107 (Type III- Jungle)
___Trousers, Mens, Cotton, Poplin or Rip-stop, OG-107 (Type III- Jungle)
___Undershirt, OG-109 (optional, but if tee is worn it must be this type)
___Socks, Wool Blend, Cushion Sole
___Belt, Trouser, Combat, Black with Open Faced Buckle
___Boots, Combat, Jungle Climate, Spike Protective
___Hat, Sun, OG-107, R/S or Poplin (Boonie) OR Hat, OG-106 (ball cap)
___Tags, Identification ("Dog Tags"), with neck chain and extension
*Jungle Coat should have Theater Made 25th ID patch on left shoulder, Name Tape on right chest, US Army Tape on left chest.

Field Equipment
___Helmet, Steel, M1 with Mitchell Pattern Cover and Elastic Band**
___Suspenders, Load Bearing, M-1956
___Belt, Pistol, M-1956 or M-1966**
___Pouch, Ammunition, Universal, M-1956 (2 minimum)
___Cover, Canteen, M-1956 (2 minimum)**
___Canteen, 1 quart, Plastic (2 minimum)**
___Cup, Canteen, M1910 (aluminum or stainless steel)
___Pouch, First Aid, M-1956
___Cover, Entrenching Tool, M-1956
___Tool, Entrenching, M-1951 (preferred) OR Tool, Entrenching, M-1943
___Pack, Individual, M-1956 or M-1961
*Upon completing Level One, members are awarded the rank of Private First Class.
** Denotes minimum equipment for support personnel.

Level 2:

Advanced Field Gear
___Primary Weapon (Full Size M16A1 / AR-15) see weapon list.
___Bayonet for Weapon (see weapon list)
___Bandoleer, or specialized ammunition carrier for weapon
___Poncho, Rubberized, OG-207
___Liner, Poncho, ERDL Pattern with Center Seam
___Flashlight, Angle Head, MX Series (no guard around switch) with filters.
___Vest, Protective, Flak, M-1952 or 3/4 Collar
*Upon completion of Level Two, the member is eligible for Corporal or Specialist Rank Promotion.

Level 3:

Optional Items For Your Impression
___Mattress, Pneumatic
___Carrier, Sleeping, M-1956 (spaghetti straps)
___Rucksack, Lightweight, M-1963 with Frame T62-1
___Rucksack, Tropical
___Gas Mask, M17, M17A1 or XM Series
___Personal Items such as foot powder, sun tan cream, toiletries, etc.
___Towel, OD
___Insect Repellant Bottle
___Period Weapons Cleaning Equipment
___PRC Radio with accessories
___Medicís Bag with supplies
___Knife, Combat
___Marker Panel
___High Capacity Canteen
___Machete with period cover
___Wristwatch, Period, commercial or military
___Grenades, Smoke or Fragmentation (Frags inert)
___Any period items that add to your impression.

Approved Weapons:

___M-16A1 / AR-15 Rifle Full Size *
    ___M7 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard (M-16 Rifle)
___M-14 Rifle (with correct optics for sniper use)**
    ___M6 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard (M-14 Rifle)
___Machinegun, M-60
___Launcher, Grenade, M-79
___Specialized Accessories / Pouches Per Weapon Requirement
___G.I. Cleaning Kit

Semi-automatic versions of above weapons are authorized for use.

*All troops are REQUIRED to have an M-16A1 or AR-15 with full buttstock and 20" barrel as their primary weapon.  It must be early configuration: early rear site, triangle handguards, bayonet lug, straight pistol grip, solid or early trap door buttstock, three prong flashider or full bird cage.

** The M14 is only for approved use as a sniper rifle. The 25th fielded snipers in Vietnam along side standard infantry platoons. One will be allowed in the field at a time and it must be equipped with one of the following scopes: ANPVS-2 or  ARTEL.

**All rifles are to be fitted with a "Hollywood" style Blank Firing Adapter (BFA). No GI blank adapters. "Hot" blanks should be used whenever possible.