I have had many emails and phone calls asking about the status of our Moore Militaria Jungle Fatigues. I wanted to give everyone an update and correct any false rumors that may be out there. As many of you know, we have had virtually no inventory in uniforms for about a year. The fabric mill that we dealt with in the past has gone out of business and we essentially had to start over at the beginning. Unfortunately, this happened time after time as we worked on samples, texture, etc. The mills that we found that could do what we asked offered a fair price per yard....but required such an enormous run of fabric that it was cost prohibitive. There is a market for jungle fatigues, but it won't sustain a $60,000 layout for raw materials before even starting. I feel we are close to finding a mill where we can compromise some on volume for price. It is still substantially more than what we are used to in the past, so it is taking a little longer to get everything arranged. My goal is to have details and contracts finished as well as production scheduled some time this summer with a hope of restocking in the Fall. First Priority is OD Jungles (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Boonies. If we can keep pressing, the next will be OG-107's and then ERDL with Tiger last. I appreciate your patience and promise we are not closing shop, just dealing with rising costs and a smaller market than there used to be and still trying to bring quality and value to our customers. I would rather move very slow than be wrong. Thanks again for the years of support! -- Trey