We have had a fairly steady uptick in orders this year with the Pandemic. It surprised me as we were expecting a drop in orders. We have been able to keep up with most of the demand and I would say 95% of all orders are still shipping within 24 hours of being placed. Others ship within 3 to 5 days as we are often waiting on restocks of products to come in. Fortunately it is rare that the wait is much longer. This isn't much comfort if you are the one or two people who have to wait a little longer, but at least this is not a common event. The biggest issue we are currently facing is the national / international issue with shipping. USPS is overwhelmed and some packages are going at the normal pace while other Priority Mail packages sit at distribution hubs for 2 weeks or more before moving. We recently had a package bound for Canada make a pitstop in Australia. Good news / bad news it isn't just us, it is nation wide. If you are pressed for time, or order something with higher value, UPS is by far more reliable right now.

Finally, please note that when checking out, the API calculator for rates / shipping times for USPS is provided by the US Postal Service. We cannot control what it says. When it says "Priority Mail 2 to 3 days" that is not a guarantee and in the best of times it is an estimate. RIght now it is guaranteed it will take longer. There is a reason that USPS Priority Mail at 2 days may be $12 and UPS 2nd Day is $46. One is getting there in 2 days and one isn't. I get emails all the time from people wanting their shipping money back because they did not get the package in the time it said for the US Postal Service. Again, these are estimates that the Postal Service is giving you and they are NOT backed by any kind of cash back guarantee like UPS puts on overnight and 2nd Day.

There is also a reasonable amount of time to ship an order. I also work a shift schedule of 24 hours on / 48 hours off so every third day I am not here. If you place an order on a day I am working at the fire dept, best case it will ship the next day. So in summary, don't place an order Monday afternoon, select Priority Mail "2 day service" at check out and then be upset that the package did not arrive on Wednesday. That just isn't reality right now.