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Hats, Caps & Covers - Uniforms & Clothing

Hats, Caps & Covers

  • Utility Cover, ERDL, Reproduction. This is a great reproduction of the incountry made USN / USMC style utility covers in Greem Dominant ERDL camo. These are made from the same material as our Poplin ERDL Jungle Fatigues (so they are lighter than the heavy twill or Mitchell Pattern Canvas covers) and have features consistent with period production such as single front panel stitching, reinforced front panel, vents, etc. These covers were popular incountry items during the war. Simple ink stamp size inside the crown. Learn More

    Utility Cover, ERDL, Reproduction

  • Utility Cover, OD, USMC, Reproduction. Officially categorized as "Cap, Utility, Cotton, Sateen OG-107 (MC)." This is the standard Marine "cover" used during the Vietnam War. These are a Moore Militaria Exclusive! After years of not being able to find decent covers, we decided to make our own. These are made with the same OG-107 fabric as our utilities and have all of the features of the originals including front 3 panel stitching, reinforced front panel, etc. 5oz Learn More

    Utility Cover, OD, USMC, Reproduction

  • Cap, Hot Weather. Commonly referred to as OG-106 Ball Caps, these ball caps are the "second issue" style that started production around 1970. They differ slightly from earlier hats in that they have the synthetic sweatband, the front stiffener only goes half way up and they lack a vent hole on the front two panels. Current inventory is 1980's dated and in unissued condition. The 80's production are marked as OG-507 to match the durapress (OG-507 vs OG-107) fatigues issued in 1975 and later. Learn More

    Hot Weather Cap, 2nd Pattern