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Uniform & Equipment Reference Guide


The purpose of this page is to better help you put together your impression by answering some of the most common questions about the uniforms and equipment used by the United States Army in Vietnam. This is a brief overview that will help you answer general questions about the types of Jungle Fatigues, styles of boots, use of insignia and name tapes, and overall equipment load of a GI in Vietnam. If you have any questions or additions that you would like to make, please feel free to email them to the webmaster.

This is by no means the "definitive list" and we cannot go into the detail that some may desire. I would recommend Shelby Stanton's U.S. Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War, Paul Miraldi's Uniforms and Equipment of U.S. Military Advisers in Vietnam 1957-1972 and Miraldi's Uniforms and Equipment of U.S. Army Infantry, LRRPS, and Rangers in Vietnam 1965-1971. Another set of good "quick guides" are Kevin Lyles books Vietnam: US Uniforms in Color Photographs and U.S. Airborne Vietnam.

Name Tapes, Insignia and Headgear

Utilities / Fatigues

Combat Boots

Equipment Loads / "Gear at a Glance"

Flak Vests / Rucksacks

Machetes / Weapons At A Glance