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Our Mission

Moore Militaria is the "One Stop 'Nam Shop" dedicated to preserving the memory of the Vietnam War and those who served by bringing quality service and products to veterans, collectors, living historians and the entertainment industry. Let us help you with all of your Vietnam collection and impression needs. Visit the Quartermaster page to see the items for sale.

If you are a museum, living history program, military honors program, or active military command, we can help you with the historical accuracy of your displays and provide you with the right uniforms and equipment. For military purchases, we are an approved vendor for the DOD and are registered with the Central Contractor Registration system (CCR CAGE). To see a list of museums and commands we have worked with, please follow the link below.

If you are working on a film or stage production, we can provide your cast with all of the uniforms, equipment, and technical expertise that your production demands. We can also arrange for any military vehicles, extras, and heavy equipment that you may need. Select this link for details: Museums/Film Production Work.


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