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Ammunition Pouches - US Field Gear & Equipment

Ammunition Pouches

  • USMC M-61 USMC Pocket, Ammo, Mag, M-14 Rifle. Standard USMC ammo pouch for the M-14, holds one magazine. These have the fastener in the rear to secure to the M-61 Belt. We have two conditions available: Good to VG used and excellent to unissued. Priced per pouch. Learn More

    USMC M-61 USMC Pocket, Ammo, Mag, M-14 Rifle

  • M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 20rd. Overall G to VG used condition. Some show more wear than others. Some are missing side straps or rear suspender straps, but all are completely functional for carrying magazines on a belt. Priced per pouch. 6oz Learn More

    M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 20rd

  • M-56 Universal Small Arms Ammunition Pouch. The standard ammo carrier for Vietnam. Three conditions available. G condition are rough, but serviceable. They have seen heavy use and fading, and most have repairs or small holes and may be missing the suspender strap. Perfect "Field Grade." The VG are in overall VG used condition with typical fading and wear from moderate usage, may be missing the suspender strap, but no major damage and completely functional. The EXC are in excellent used condition showing light signs of use and or storage wear. Priced per pouch. Learn More

    M-56 Universal Small Arms Ammunition Pouch

  • M-56 Pocket, Ammo Magazine, Pistol, .45 ACP. These are the standard M-56 Pistol Ammo Pouches. Each pouch is OD green canvas with a single lift the dot. They are designed to hold two magazines for the 1911A1 Pistol (one on each side) and have two slide fasteners on the back. We have EXC / unissued condition at this time. We currently only have post war dated pouches available. Aside from the date code on the back, they are identical to 60's manufacture. Learn More

    M-56 Pocket, Ammo Magazine, Pistol, .45 ACP

  • This is one of the ultra rare "short" M-56 Pouches made for use with the 20rd M16 magazines. These pouches are identical to the standard M-56 Universal Ammunition Pouch except for their height. The pouches were made for a brief period in 1968 to address the difficulty in using the taller pouches with the shorter magazines. The production window was limited as the Army was introducing the M67 short pouches at the same time which is why these are so hard to come by now. Marked as Ammunition Pouch M16-A1 this pouch is in overall VG used condition with some discoloration from wear. Pouch is complete with all straps, snaps and buckle.The buckle on the suspender strap is complete (in the photo it looks like the gate to the snap is missing but it is not). One pouch only. Learn More

    M16-A1 "Short" Pouch

  • Pocket, Ammunition Magazine, 2 clips .45 CAL. Automatic Pistol. These are the standard leather ammo pouches to carry two magazines for the M1911 pistol. Pouches are in unissued condition and have brass lift the dot fasteners on the front. The back side is US stamped and has a 1980's DLA date code. These are post war manufacture, but they are exactly teh same as earlier leather magazine pouches. Perfect for your MP impression! Priced per pouch. Learn More

    USGI Leather Pistol Ammo Pouch