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Newly Listed

Newly Listed

  • This is an original USMC Jungle 1st Aid kit with an assortment of correct contents. It is not complete, but it does include: bandaids, iodine, chapstick, sodium bicarbonate pack, and a gause bandage. The pouches themselves have gotten harder to find and this one has a nice assortment of contents. Overall EXC condition. Learn More

    USMC Jungle 1st Aid Kit, Partial Contents

  • We have five CVC project shells for sale. All shells are solid and free from cracks or damage. Each helmet has an intact suspension and front sweatband. They also all have the exterior side commo box and cord as well as the interior wiring that runs to the headphones. These could be displayed as is, especially with the addition of a microphone or you could restore them and have a nice CVC helmet. Sold as is. We have two left in size Large. Learn More

    CVC Helmet Shells

  • USMC Iron-On Transfer. This is a faithful reproduction of the old style Marine Corps transfers that had the EGA above USMC. Sold by the sheet, each sheet contains four chest EGA with USMC and 4 smaller EGA for utility covers. Perfect for OG-107's, Jungle Fatigues, ERDL's, Field Jackets, etc. Priced per sheet of four large and four small transfers. PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS Medium/Firm Pressure 360-370 Degree F Apply transfer 10 seconds Peel HOT WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR LONG LIFE 1. Machine wash warm using mild detergent 2. Lay flat or hang to dry 3. Do not bleach 4. Do not dry clean 5. Do not iron directly onto transfer area after applied Learn More

    USMC Iron-On Transfer, Sheet

  • This is a really cool uniform set. Custom, incountry tailor made shirt and pant set. It is cut like a pair of 1st model OG-107's. Straight pocket flaps, flat brown buttons, two pocket shirt, four pocket pant, etc. However, the shirt and pants are made from ripstop cotton vs heavy twill. He also had them made with short sleeves and pen pockets added to each sleeve with a zipper fly and simple slide closure waist. This makes for a lightweight set of fatigues. Sizes are large. The shirt measures 23" laid flat so it will work for a 44 or 46 chest. It is 32.5" from the base of the collar to the bottom of the shirt. Pants measure 19" laid flat at the waist, so a 38" waist with a 29" inseam. The pants also have 2 inches in the cuff to be let out. At 29" they would hit about ankle height on someone with a 31 inseam, so shortened for comfort with boots. There are no tags or maker marks in the uniform. To top if off, the set features all incountry insignia. Name tapes, wings and rank. All are embroidered on a blue twill fabric. Both shirt and pants are in perfect, unissued condition. This is a really neat uniform. Learn More

    USAF Incountry OG-107 Utility Set, Ripstop

  • These are Vietnamese made PAVN Jungle boots as used by NVA, VC and PAVN forces. Boots are canvas and have a rubber sole and toe cap. We have had these for years and kept them in our film rental stockpile. I have listed them with metric sizing as well as a rough equivalent US size. They are marked on the inside with Moore MIlitaria and a shoe size. We have two grades available, used and excellent. For the most part, the used show very little wear and just have some dirt on them that will clean up. The new appear unworn. These boots have become very hard to find. All are Vietnamese surplus except for the used pair in size 10. They are French made Wissart, but the size is very hard to come by. Learn More

    PAVN / NVA Jungle Boot

  • This is the replacement suspension for an M1 Helmet Liner made from the early 1970's through the mid 1980's. Helmet liners that use this suspension have round disks inside that the webbing slides overs vs the earlier fixed suspension helmet liners that have a riveted suspension. These are USGI issue and are in unissued condition. Learn More

    M-1 Helmet Liner Suspension (Removable)

  • This is an original life preserver kit as issued to USN and USMC aircrews. The kit consists of sea dye marker pack, shark repellant pack, whistle (1971 dated) and distress signal light (1968 dated). The kit also includes the original packing list. Learn More

    Life Preserver Kit

  • These are original, 1960's production 1st aid dressings / bandages. Bandage is in a clear plastic wrapper with an outer cardboard box. These are thicker than the standard size bandages carried in the M-56 Compass / 1st Aid Pouch. These would be perfect for a Medic Bag or Bandoleer style carry. Learn More

    1st Aid Dressing, Medium

  • 7.62 x 39 Blanks for the AK and SKS series of rifles. These blanks are Eastern European in cardboard boxes, packed 40 rounds per box. Cartridges are metallic cased (they are NOT plastic). I would assume they are corrosive, so wash with hot water and simple green or an ammonia based cleaner and dry before oiling to prevent any problems (Just in case). Blanks are sold by 120 round lot (3 boxes of 40) at $30 per 120. Blanks CANNOT ship via Priority Mail. They MUST go UPS Ground, (ORM-D) Learn More

    7.62 x 39mm Blanks (120 rds - Boxed)

  • 7.62 NATO Blanks. These are British L13A1 Blanks. The British are the best and "hottest" 7.62 NATO blank available. Cartridges are brass case (they are NOT plastic). These are linked on M60 links and ready to go. They were packed loose so they show a little storage wear but they run perfectly.Blanks are priced per siingle 100 round belt at $35.00 Blanks CANNOT ship via Priority Mail. They MUST go UPS Ground, (ORM-D) Learn More

    7.62 NATO Blanks (100rds - Linked)