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Aviation One of a Kind - One Of A Kind

Aviation One of a Kind

  • The MA-2 Torso Harness was the US Navy's Standard harness for flight operations during the Vietnam War. The harness allowed for the attachment of the ejection seat parachute, survival gear and flotation equipment. This particular example is a nice, early model in size Medium Short. Early black and gold woven label with 1960 ink stamp below. This is a "full suit" that has not been trimmed out by riggers (often done for comfort and air flow). Suit has upper Koch fitting and V ring on right shoulder as well as lower Koch fittings. Outstanding, complete piece in nice used condition showing some wear and use with hard to find hardware. Learn More

    US NAVY MA-2 Torso Harness #2

  • Navy SV1 vest. These were the first modern variant for survival gear used during the Vietnam War. The SV1 / SV-1 was simple in construction and very streamlined. This example is in basically unissued condition but with a rack number written on the shoulder webbing. Nice, crispy example for display. Learn More

    US NAVY SV-1 Survival Vest

  • The MK-3C was the first life preserver for the "new" jet age of Naval Aviation and are a staple of the air war in Vietnam being used in all forms of Navy aircraft. This particular example is in overall excellent - condition and has a 1968 DSA code. These are worn in conjunction with the MA-2 Harness and or SV1 and SV2 survival vests. Learn More

    US NAVY MK-3C Life Preserver

  • Bag, Cartridge, Empty. This is the standard brass / link catcher bag used on M60D systems for door gunners. Heavy brownish OD vinyl with heavy zippers and canvas chute trim. Bags are in unissued condition. They are postwar bags, but identical to Vietnam era. This system was used well into the mid 2000's by the Army. Made to fit over the yellow / green wire frame (not included). If you are putting together an M60D or have a frame in need of bag, here is your chance! We only have a few available. Learn More

    Brass Catcher Bag