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Field Gear One of a Kind - One Of A Kind

Field Gear One of a Kind

  • These are new old stock M-138G Microphones. These can be used to restore a flight helmet or CVC helmet. They have the small two pin adapter that will work on either. Learn More

    Helmet Microphone, M-138G

  • We have five CVC project shells for sale. All shells are solid and free from cracks or damage. Each helmet has an intact suspension and front sweatband. They also all have the exterior side commo box and cord as well as the interior wiring that runs to the headphones. These could be displayed as is, especially with the addition of a microphone or you could restore them and have a nice CVC helmet. Sold as is. We have three in size Medium to Large and two in size Small to Medium (all stickers are missing so I tried them on to guess size). Learn More

    CVC Helmet Shells

  • This is an original life preserver kit as issued to USN and USMC aircrews. The kit consists of sea dye marker pack, shark repellant pack, whistle (1971 dated) and distress signal light (1968 dated). The kit also includes the original packing list. Learn More

    Life Preserver Kit

  • Claymore Mine Bag. These are mid to late war bags (holes in the center of the snaps) in solid VG used condition. Both bags have partial instruction sheet under the flap. We have two available. One has a strap that has been cut and tied together (possibly to be mounted in a vehicle or on a rucksack). They both have functioning snaps. Learn More

    Claymore Mine Bag (VG)

  • This is a Vietnam era sub-machine gun ammo pouch. These pouches were designed to hold 30rd stick magazines for sub-machine guns such as the M1928A1 and M1 / M1A1 Thompson, the M3 / M3A1 Grease Gun and the Swedish K. The pouch consists of cotton duct body with shoulder strap and can easily hold 6 magazines. Pouches are in unissued condition. Learn More

    SMG Ammo Pouch

  • Mosquito Net. These nets are for use with cots. This style of net was introduced by the Vietnam War, so even though these nets are new (which is good. New means no holes!), they are the "correct style." We do not have the four end poles to hold the net up, but they are out there or you can tie the corners up. 1lb 12oz Learn More

    Mosquito Net