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Blank Firing Adapters - Weapons Related

Blank Firing Adapters

  • "Hollywood" M-14 Blank Adapter (BFA) for M14 / M1A Rifles. These are "Hollywood" BFAs and cannot be seen when installed. Simply loosen the set screw on the front of the site base, remove the castle nut, remove the flashider, inset the adapter into the flashider (narrow end out) and reassemble. Priced per BFA. Learn More

    "Hollywood" M-14 Blank Adapter (BFA)

  • 7.62 x 39 Blanks for the AK and SKS series of rifles. These blanks are Eastern European in cardboard boxes, packed 40 rounds per box. Cartridges are metallic cased (they are NOT plastic). I would assume they are corrosive, so wash with hot water and simple green or an ammonia based cleaner and dry before oiling to prevent any problems (Just in case). Blanks are sold by 80 round lot (2 boxes of 40) at $25 per 80. Blanks CANNOT ship via Priority Mail. They MUST go UPS Ground, (ORM-D) Learn More

    7.62 x 39mm Blanks (120 rds - Boxed)

  • "Hollywood" M-16 Blank Adapter (BFA) for M16 / AR15 Rifles. These are "Hollywood" BFAs and cannot be seen when installed. Simply remove the flash hider and drop in the adapter with the narrow end facing the out towards the end of the flash hider and the broad end against the base of the muzzle. Priced per BFA. If you would like to purchase a set of two, you can mix sizes. Select the size for the first BFA from the first drop down box and if you would like a set, select the size for the second BFA from the second drop down box.

    Learn More

    "Hollywood" M-16 Blank Adapter (BFA)

  • AK-47 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA). These are BFA's for the AK-47 in 7.62x39. BFA is predrilled to work with most surplus blanks. Some rifles / blank combinations require more gas pressure. If you have difficulties with this BFA you can place a thin washer with a slightly smaller hole (it must have a hole to relieve back pressure) inside the BFA before installing. To install, simply remove the muzzle device currently on your AK and thread on. Overall condition is excellent used. The style may vary slightly based on country of manufacture and availability. BFA's can easily be painted. Price is per piece. Learn More

    AK-47 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA)