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MG Accessories - Weapons Related

MG Accessories

  • Bag, Cartridge, Empty. This is the standard brass / link catcher bag used on M60D systems for door gunners. Heavy brownish OD vinyl with heavy zippers and canvas chute trim. Bags are in unissued condition. They are postwar bags, but identical to Vietnam era. This system was used well into the mid 2000's by the Army. Made to fit over the yellow / green wire frame (not included). If you are putting together an M60D or have a frame in need of bag, here is your chance! We only have a few available. Learn More

    Brass Catcher Bag

  • This is a complete, uncut and functional spare barrel assembly for the M60 Machine Gun. Barrel includes the complete gas system and bipod assembly and is ready to run on your semi or full auto M60. Will also work for someone building a replica gun. This barrel has already been threaded internally for a set screw BFA so it is ready to run blanks for a reenactment or public event. BFA's can be made in any aperature size and simple thread in with a long handled allen wrench. Without a BFA installed, the barrel works fine for live ammo as well. Just ensure the bore is clear before firing live ammo.Spare Barrel Bag Included. US SALES ONLY Learn More

    M60 Spare Barrel Assembly

  • M60 Spare Barrel Bag. These were used to carry a spare barrel / bipod for the M60 along with change mitt, tool, etc. Overall very good plus to excellent used condition, the bag does not have any holes or tears and all zippers work. Colors and markings may vary slightly as they are an issued item. Bag includes a General Purpose (GP) strap added for a carry strap. Learn More

    M60 Spare Barrel Bag

  • This is a USGI tripod cover for .30 cal machine guns. Covers will protect the tripod head and pintle while extending partly down the legs. Cover will work with a WWII M2 Tripod (for 1919's) and the Vietnam era M122 ( for use with the M60). Covers are heavy OD Green canvas with aluminum zipper. They are in unissued condition. The outer paper wrappers are dated 1973 and are torn from storage, but the covers are fine. Learn More

    .30 Cal Tripod Cover, USGI