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What's New

International Shipping

Please be advised that International Shipping times may be quite long right now. We have decided to keep shippimg international orders, but we have had some Priority and Express shipments take excessive times while others have been normal. Please note that once shipping shows a package leaving Chicago, there are no further updates until the destination ciuntry updates USPS. That means that if there are not any updates, there is nothing we can check on this end. Some packages have been timely but we have had an Express and several Priority take up to two months. The Covid situation and increased shipping demands coupled with drastically reduced international flights has created a backlog. I know many vendors who have simply discontinued sales overseas at this time, but we feel that as long as the packages are still ultimately getting there and not being lost, we will continue to send them. We just ask that you be patient. I would also suggest Priority over 1st Class where feasible.

Inventory Update

We have ERDL Jungle Fatigues back instock in size LR. We also have JWD tigerstripes in Small, Medium and Large instock.

Inventory Updates

We have Tadpole Uniforms in size small back instock. We also have a limited amount of tadpole berets instock as well. On the insignia front, we were finally able to get Staff Sergeant (E-6) Subdued Sleeve Rank back instock. We also have the reproduction USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouches on hand and ready to ship.