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Ammunition Pouches - US Field Gear & Equipment

Ammunition Pouches

  • M-56 Pocket, Ammo Magazine, Pistol, .45 ACP. These are the standard M-56 Pistol Ammo Pouches. Each pouch is OD green canvas with a single lift the dot. They are designed to hold two magazines for the 1911A1 Pistol (one on each side) and have two slide fasteners on the back. We currently have unissued EXC condition pouches with only minimal storage wear. Inventory fluctuates with both DSA and DLA date codes (the DLA date codes are 100% identical to 1960's production aside from the date stamp on the back). The drop menu will display what date codes are currently available. Learn More

    M-56 Pocket, Ammo Magazine, Pistol, .45 ACP

  • M-56 Universal Small Arms Ammunition Pouch. The standard ammo carrier for Vietnam, these were initially designed to hold a variety of ammunition. You can carry M1 Garand Enblocs, M1 Carbine Magazines, a box of shotgun shells, 2 M14 Magazines and 3 to 4 M16 Magazines (soldiers often placed a bandage or sock underneath the M16 magazines to raise them to the top of the pouch). We have multiple grades available. Priced per pouch. Fair (F): These are in very rough condition. They can have holes in the body and may be missing the suspender strap and or the side grenade loop straps, BUT they will still hold magazines and will have the main pouch closure intact. Good (G): These are rough, but serviceable. They have seen heavy use and fading, and may have repairs or small holes. Most are missing the suspender strap (these were frequently cut off). Perfect "Field Grade" beater pouches. Very Good (VG): These are in better condition than the good. Overall they are in VG used condition with typical fading and wear from moderate usage, and may have heavier wear on the corners, but no major damage. They will have the suspender straps and grenade straps and be completely functional. Excellent (EXC): These are in overall excellent used condition with good color showing only light signs of use and or storage wear to unissued condition. Learn More

    M-56 Universal Small Arms Ammunition Pouch

  • USMC M-1961 USMC Pocket, Ammo, Mag, M-14 Rifle. Standard USMC ammo pouch for the M-14, holds one magazine. These have the fastener in the rear to secure to the M-61 Belt. We have two grades available: VG to VG+ used and EXC to Unissued showing only light storage wear. Learn More

    USMC M-61 USMC Pocket, Ammo, Mag, M-14 Rifle

  • M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 20rd. We have two conditions available currently: Fair to Good (F/G) used are in heavy used condition but will still work for magazines. Most of these have good solid nylon canvas bodies, but the the suspender strap is missing and the side grenade straps have been removed. Some have a cracked main buckle closure and others have had the buckle closure replaced with snaps. Despite the flaws and or repairs, all will close and will work to hold magazines. Very Good + to Excellent - (VG+/EXC-) show some use light some wear, but they have all parts present and functioning to include snaps and suspender strap. These are complete pouches showing minimal wear and are good solid pouches that still look pretty good. All priced per pouch. Learn More

    M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 20rd