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Mess Kits & Utensils - US Field Gear & Equipment

Mess Kits & Utensils

  • USGI Mess Kit. These are the standard stainless steel US issue mess kit issued from WWII through the 80's. Currently we have 1960's dated kits for sale. Dates vary, but all are USGI Surplus and in the 60's. Overall VG used condition, these will have some dings and dents in the bottoms and show signs of use, but we try to only keep pretty nice used ones. Nothing too major or distracting, but if you need a pristine mess kit, you should look for a newer one. Learn More

    USGI Mess Kit, VN Dated

  • USGI Mess Kit Utensil Set. These are the standard USGI eating utensils. Genuine Govt issue, set consists of fork, spoon, and knife. We have two grades available: VG/VG+ used condition and New Old Stock (NOS) that are straight from the original boxes. Priced per set of one spoon, one fork, and one knife. Manufacturers vary and fork size (there is regular length and slightly longer) can vary based on inventory on hand. Be wary of listings online for less expensive sets that state "USGI Style" or "USGI Type". If they use the words style or type or fail to say USGI issue, they are imported Chinese copies and are NOT USGI issue. Learn More

    USGI Mess Kit Utensil Set

  • P-38 Can Opener. GI issue. Marked "U.S. Shelby Co" Priced per piece. Learn More

    P-38 Can Opener