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Rucksacks, Parts & Accessories - US Field Gear & Equipment

Rucksacks, Parts & Accessories

  • This is a nice, field grade + Lightweight Rucksack in fairly complete condition. what appears to be unissued condition. Rucksack has original frame, bag and straps. The frame is a P68 style with both upper and middle horizontal straps (both present) as well as the center vertical strap. The only straps not present are cargo straps and a waist strap (which is almost always missing). The instruction sheet is in the top flap but you cannot make out the DSA ink stamp. Overall the nylon bag is solid with no major damage, just some soiling and wear from use. This is on the higher end of a "user" ruck and has lots of life left in it without being so nice you would be afraid to take it to the field. Learn More

    Lightweight Rucksack

  • Lightweight Rucksack Cargo Shelf. These are unissued VN era cargo shelves for the riveted lightweight rucksack frame. The shelves are all pulled from 1966 / 67 dated boxes. They are individually sealed in the original plastic outer wrapping. Some have paper tags inside the plastic and some do not, it just depends on our inventory at the time and what box they are pulled from. Learn More

    Lightweight Rucksack Cargo Shelf