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Newly Listed

Newly Listed

  • After years of putting these uniforms together, we have finally decided to list them as their own item. This is the classic insignia set for Lt. Col. Kilgore from Apocalypse Now. With this set you can complete a jungle fatigue shirt that you already have. If you have ever felt the need to state your love for the smell of napalm in the morning, this is your chance! Package also includes the following subdued insignia: Pin-On Lt. Col with Cavalry Branch, Kilgore and US Army Name Tapes (made on vintage 1960's era name tape), Merrowed 1st Cavalry Division Patch, Merrowed Ranger Tab, Senior Army Aviator Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, US Parachute Qualification Badge, and Vietnamese Parachute Qualification Badge. Please note the Vietnamese Para Qual badge shown in the photo is the "color" version with the yellow star. We have started producing the subdued version with OD star which matches the screen shots from the film. A Cavalry Yellow Ascot may be added below for an additional $15. This set is for the insignia for the jungle coat only. Uniform shirt and pants, belt, cavalry stetson and insignia, sunglasses, etc. are not included. Learn More

    Lt. Col. Kilgore Insignia Package

  • After years of putting these uniforms together, we have finally decided to list them as their own item. This is the insignia set to build the classic uniform for Captain Willard from Apocalypse Now. Prepare for your trip up river! The package includes the following subdued insignia: Sew-On Captain with Infantry Branch, WILLARD and US ARMY Name Tapes (sewn on vintage 1960's era name tape webbing), Merrowed 173rd ABN patch, Merrowed MACV, Merrowed Ranger Tab, Combat Infantry Badge, US Parachute Qualification Badge, and Vietnamese Parachute Qualification Badge. Just supply your own favorite pair of tigers and you are ready to go! This package is for the insignia only. No uniform items such as shirt, pants or belt are included. Learn More

    Capt. Willard Insignia Package

  • These are original, VN era manuals for the M-1 Helmet (Infantry). The manual covers adjustment of the helmet liner, suspension, nape strap, sweatband etc. These were placed under the suspension at the factory so the helmet user would have the information required for initial set up and adjustment. Learn More

    It's Your Head - Keep It! (M-1 Infantry Helmet Manual)

  • USMC Iron-On Transfer. This is a faithful reproduction of the old style Marine Corps transfers that had the EGA above USMC. Sold by the sheet, each sheet contains four chest EGA with USMC and 4 smaller EGA for utility covers. Perfect for OG-107's, Jungle Fatigues, ERDL's, Field Jackets, etc. Priced per sheet of four large and four small transfers. They are available in Black, Yellow and White. PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS These work best with a heat press but an iron can be used. Set iron to 370 degrees Preheat area with iron Apply transfer to garment Apply FIRM pressure for 10 seconds Peel while HOT WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR LONG LIFE 1. Machine wash warm using mild detergent 2. Lay flat or hang to dry 3. Do not bleach 4. Do not dry clean 5. Do not iron directly onto transfer area after applied Learn More

    USMC Iron-On Transfer, Sheet

  • These are Vietnamese made PAVN Jungle boots as used by NVA, VC and PAVN forces. Boots are canvas and have a rubber sole and toe cap. We have had these for years and kept them in our film rental stockpile. I have listed them with metric sizing as well as a rough equivalent US size. They are marked on the inside with Moore MIlitaria and a shoe size. We have two grades available, used and excellent. For the most part, the used show very little wear and just have some dirt on them that will clean up. The new appear unworn. These boots have become very hard to find. All are Vietnamese surplus except for the used pair in size 10. They are French made Wissart, but the size is very hard to come by. Learn More

    PAVN / NVA Jungle Boot

  • This is the replacement suspension for an M1 Helmet Liner made from the early 1970's through the mid 1980's. Helmet liners that use this suspension have round disks inside that the webbing slides overs vs the earlier fixed suspension helmet liners that have a riveted suspension. These are USGI issue and are in unissued condition. Learn More

    M-1 Helmet Liner Suspension (Removable)

  • This is an original life preserver kit as issued to USN and USMC aircrews. The kit consists of sea dye marker pack, shark repellant pack, whistle (1971 dated) and distress signal light (1968 dated). The kit also includes the original packing list. Learn More

    Life Preserver Kit