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Newly Listed

Newly Listed

  • M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 30rd. Overall VG+ used condition, these show some wear, but nothing major and have the suspender straps and grenade straps present and functioning. These have gotten much harder to find, especially in nice used condition. Priced per pouch. Learn More

    M-67 Ammunition Pouch, 30rd

  • LSA Oil. These are the standard 2 ounce bottles of LSA oil as issued during the war. Bottles are unissued, but have some smearing on the label as is common where the oil interacts with the ink. Late 1960's dates, these have gotten much harder to come by. Learn More

    LSA Oil

  • USMC M-1961 Equipment Belt. This is the standard equipment / pistol belt as used by the USMC with the M-61 series of gear. The belts feature female snaps that allow the M-61 pouches to be attached. These pouches were originally designed to hold a single M14 magazine and were later also used to hold M16 magazines. We have two belts available currently and both are in excellent condition with clear 1967 DSA stamps in size Medium. Learn More

    USMC M-1961 Equipment Belt

  • Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern, Vibram Sole. These are excellent reproductions made in Portugal by Pike Brothers of Germany. Excellent quality and eye for detail, these boots are made like the early 3rd patterns without the spike protective plate. The boots are made on a wide last, and are available in whole sizes, 8 through 12. As they are a wide, they run a little larger than a regular width. If you wear a half size, drop down vs ordering up. The original mesh "do not boil" insole could not be reproduced with satifactory results so it was decided to just not include an additional insole. By having the wide last, this will allow you to put whatever insole is most comfortable for you (for example any of the store brand, Dr Scholls, etc). The the market on original Vibram sole boots breaking the $350 a pair mark, why risk a mint pair having soles that crack or destroying a piece of history. Learn More

    Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern, Vibram Sole

  • We have two different M79 Grenade Launcher buttstocks for sale. Both are orginal and VN wartime era. One is wood and the other is fiberglass. The fiberglass buttstock originally came out of a 1970 dated package and is in unused condition. Both buttstocks are missing the rear sling swivel. The fiberglass buttstock has the recoil pad installed. The wood stock does not have the recoil pad installed. I found a black recoil pad that fits it well, but do not have the screws to attach it. You could use just about any wood screws on it. The wood stock is in overall VG+ to EXC - used condition. These would be good to replace a damaged / cracked stock or perhaps to upgrade the stock on an airsoft or display grenade launcher. Priced per stock. Wood stock is sold. Learn More

    M-79 Grenade Launcher Buttstock

  • ERDL R/S Beret. These berets are custom made for us with our exclusive 100% cotton, Green Dominant Rip-Stop ERDL. Berets are lined in black cotton and have a simple stamp for size. Rear of beret has two vent holes and cloth adjustment string. The size M is 58cm and the size L is 60cm, though the draw strings allow them to have some range in fit. The M can be snugged down to cover a 7 1/8 and the L can fit up to a 7 3/4. Learn More

    ERDL R/S Beret

  • These are original, 1960's production 1st aid dressings / bandages. Bandage is in a clear plastic wrapper with an outer cardboard box. The master cartons are dated from 1960 to 1962. These are the standard size bandages to carry in your M-56 Compass / 1st Aid Pouch, USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch, or Medic Bags. Priced per bandage. Learn More

    1st Aid Dressing (Bandage), 1960's