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  • AK-47 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA). These are BFA's for the AK-47 in 7.62x39. BFA is predrilled to work with many surplus blanks / guns, however some rifles / blank combinations require more gas pressure. Styles vary based on availability, but all can be made to work with just about any surplus style AK rifle with a threaded barrel. The smooth body BFA have an opening of .250, the fully knurled tend to run about .205 and the smooth with knurled top around .180. If you have difficulties with a BFA, you can place a thin washer with a smaller hole (it must have a hole to relieve back pressure) inside the BFA before installing. Changing washers / disks gives you the ability to fine tune your rifle. As a starting point, try .180 as this should make any riifle work. If the brass is hevily deformed, work up to a .205 hole and see if it will still cycle without deforming the brass. Most rifles will work best in this range. To install, simply remove the muzzle device currently on your AK and thread on. Overall condition is excellent used. The style may vary slightly based on country of manufacture and availability. BFA's can easily be painted. Price is per piece. Currently we have the smooth body with the .250 starting hole. Learn More

    AK-47 Blank Firing Adapter (BFA)

  • These are Vietnamese made PAVN Jungle boots as used by NVA, VC and PAVN forces. Boots are canvas and have a rubber sole and toe cap. We have had these for years and kept them in our film rental stockpile. I have listed them with metric sizing as well as a rough equivalent US size. They are marked on the inside with Moore MIlitaria and a shoe size. We currently have used Vietnamese surplus instock in size 42 (2 pair) and 43 (1 pair). Learn More

    PAVN / NVA Jungle Boot

  • Chi-Com AK Sling. These are original, 1960's / 1970's vintage military surplus Chinese Type 56 slings designed for use on the AK Rifle. This style sling features a leather tab at one end of the sling that laces through a square buckle creating a loop at the rear of the sling. The leather tab is affixed to the front of the rifle and the rear loop is run around the sling swivel at the rear. We have the hard to find 1960's brownish tan slings as well as the late war OD Green. Learn More

    Chi-Com AK Sling

  • NVA Pith Helmet. Reproduction of the pith helmet worn by NVA forces. Complete with adjustable suspension and enameled star. Made in Vietnam. Learn More

    NVA Pith Helmet

  • Chi-Com Canteen. These canteens are perfect for your NVA / VC impression. Enameled aluminum with OD Green web carrier harness. Clean and new, so no nasty smell or taste! Learn More

    Chi-Com Canteen

  • Chi-Com SKS Sling. These are original 1960's vintage, military surplus Chinese Type 56 SKS slings designed for use on the SKS Rifle (they can also be used on an AK). This style sling features leather tabs at both ends of the sling. These are older, harder to find brownish / tan drab color. Learn More

    Chi-Com SKS Sling

  • SKS Chest Bandoleer. Chinese made 10 pocket bandoleer can carry 200 rounds of 7.62x39 on strippers. Wooden toggle closure. We have two main shade categories available: the earlier brown / tan variants and the later pea green. Learn More

    SKS Chest Harness / Bandoleer

  • AK-47 Chest Pouch. Standard Chi-Com pattern chest rig with three magazine pockets for 30d magazines and four small accessory pockets with wooden toggle closure. Pouch color can vary some, but all are 1960's dated and in the brown / tan color range. They are in excellent condition but some display some storage wear. This is the "real deal" and perfect for your impression / collection. Green are currently out of stock. Learn More

    AK-47 Chest Pouch, VN Era

  • Chi-Com RPD Drum Pouch. This pouch is designed to carry RPD Drum magazines. It can also work with AK Drums as well as loose magazines and ammunition. Cotton canvas with wooden toggle closure. 6oz Learn More

    Chi-Com RPD Drum Pouch

  • Chi-Com Grenade Pouch (2 Cell). This is the standard, simple pouch used to carry VC / NVA stick grenades. This pouch can carry 2 stick grenades. Adjustable shoulder strap and tie closure. Overall EXC condition with some storage wear / dirt. Grenades not included. Photo for demonstration purposes only. 6oz Learn More

    Chi-Com Grenade Pouch (2 Cell)