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NVA Uniforms - NVA / VC

NVA Uniforms

  • These are Vietnamese made PAVN Jungle boots as used by NVA, VC and PAVN forces. Boots are canvas and have a rubber sole and toe cap. We have had these for years and kept them in our film rental stockpile. I have listed them with metric sizing as well as a rough equivalent US size. They are marked on the inside with Moore MIlitaria and a shoe size. We have two grades available, used and excellent. For the most part, the used show very little wear and just have some dirt on them that will clean up. The new appear unworn. These boots have become very hard to find. All are Vietnamese surplus except for the used pair in size 10. They are French made Wissart, but the size is very hard to come by. Learn More

    PAVN / NVA Jungle Boot

  • NVA Pith Helmet. Reproduction of the pith helmet worn by NVA forces. Complete with adjustable suspension and enameled star. Made in Vietnam. Learn More

    NVA Pith Helmet