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One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind

  • We have an excellent reproduction of the famed Okinawa Boots available. These boots are made in Portugal by Pike Brothers of Germany and are a faithful recreation of the originals. Before now there has not been a good option for these boots. Originals are near impossible to find and sell at $800 when you do find them, so at that point you do not want to wear them. The Oki Boots repro years ago vanished and there are some terrible Chinese reproductions floating around that use original photos to lure you in and then sell you something that looks like it was made in kindergarten fashion class. These are made on a traditional "regular" width last, so order your regular boot size if you are whole size (unless you have wide feet you may need to bump up). If you are a half size, order the next size up. Please note these are made in European sizes (42 = 8R, 43 = 9R, 44 = 10R, 45 = 11R, 46 = 12R) and the sizes are on the box are correct, BUT underneath the buckle cuff (where it cannot be seen) the manufacturer was off by one shoe size on the marking, so for example an American 12R will be marked 13R. Don't panic, it is still a 46 / American 12R. For background, the Okinawa were made in the 1950's and are the US Army's first attempt at a modern jungle boot. The boots are basically WWII Double Buckle boots that have been redesigned with canvas parts for tropical climates. The lug soles were still stitched to the body of the boot so they could be replaced vs the later use a vulcanization process. The boots are often seen worn by early advisers who departed for Vietnam from Okinawa, hence the name. Learn More

    Okinawa Boots

  • This is a nice M-65 Filed Jacket dated 1973 in size Large Regular. Overall the jacket it in excellent condition. Jacket was made by So-Sew Styles and has nice color and is free from damage. Good size and condition. Vintage Dated Field Jackets are hard to come by and this one is in a large size as well! Learn More

    M-65 Field Jacket 1973 (LR) #1

  • This is a USAF Field Jacket in size Medium Long in OD Green. Overall VG used condition. The coat has some wear through around the collar (see photos) and an L shaped repair at the bottom center (it is hidden when closed and worn). There are some other wear areas here and there, but overall it is a serviceable field jacket with life left. Just used enough you won't feel bad actually wearing it around.. These jackets have an interesting history. The Air Force issued them from the 50's through the mid to late 1960's before switching to the M-65 field jacket. They can quickly be spotted by their exposed snaps on the pockets and a large collar that contains a roll up hood. These are rare jackets and are hard to find in larger sizes. Learn More

    USAF Field Jacket, OD 1964 (ML)

  • These are original, USGI, Vietnam era replacement watch bands from a 1965 dated box. These are the the early version with the non-magnetic, matte finish stainless buckle (some later bands have a black finish buckle). OD Green nylon material, the straps are 16mm in width and will fit a wide variety of period watches as well as the Hamilton and Benrus wrist compasses. Straps are 9.75" in length. NSN: 6645-965-1488. Watch not included, shown for demonstration purposes only. Learn More

    USGI Watch Band, VN ERA

  • This is an M-51 Field Jacket in size LR. This is a hard to find coat and includes the matching button in liner. The ink stamp is faint and I cannot make out the size well, but it measures out to be a large at a 46" chest. The outer shell has nice color with some fade and is free from defect. The button cuffs have 2 buttons on one side and one on the other (I will look and see if we have a spare). The liner still has nice ink stamps and is pliable / not funky. There is an area shown with what appears to be a burn hole possibly from cigarette etc. but it is not hard and flaky and does not detract. These are very hard coats to find and this one has the correct vintage liner. The fact it is all a size Large Regular makes it even better to actually wear. This jacket would be great to wear or collect. Learn More

    M-51 Field Jacket #2 (LR)

  • Rifle Bore Cleaner. We finally found another small stash of rifle bore cleaner. Bottles are 1969 dated and are 2 ounce size. Straight from the original cardboard box. This is for a sealed case of 48 bottles. Learn More

    Rifle Bore Cleaner, Sealed Case

  • M-56 Equipment Belt w/ Davis Buckle. These are sometimes referred to as an M-65 / M-66 Experimental Belt depending on the weave of the belt. Inventory fluctuates but we will list current inventory below. Size Medium, fits up to about 36" waist. Size Long, fits up to about a 46" waist Currently we have: Vertical Weave, Medium Length, VG Condition V, M (VG) Horizontal Weave, Medium Length, NOS Mint Condition H, M (EXC) Horizontal Weave, Long Length, EXC- to EXC Condition (It is unissued but has verdigris on it) (H, L, EXC-) Learn More

    M-56 Equipment Belt w/ Davis Buckle

  • USGI M-16 20rd Magazine. These are vintage production USGI contract magazines with the aluminum followers. We currently have magazines manufactured by Colt, Adventure Line Mfg. Co., and Simmonds Precision (Universal Inds. Div.). These manufacturers were government contractors during the war and the magazines are "correct" for Vietnam War era contracts. Colt made magazines for the military and civilian markets both during and after the war, but the Adventure Line and Simmonds Precision Universal Div 20rd Magazines were only made on GOVT contract between 1967 and 1971 (there are 30rd magazine contracts post Vietnam). Overall VG+ used condition with some finish wear. Magazines all work well. US sales only. Do not order if your state has a high capacity magazine ban. If you have a preference of manufacturer, you may select below and we will do our best to accommodate it depending on inventory on hand. Learn More

    M-16 Magazine, USGI, 20rd

  • Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, with 3/4 Collar. We have a good selection of 3/4 Collar vests right now. We have the "Classic" Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, with 3/4 Collar. The Classic 3/4 Collar Flak features a zipper front closure and snap flap to cover the zipper. We also have some of the "improved" Armor, Body Fragmentation Protective, with 3/4 Collar M69. The M69 is the final variant of the 3/4 Collar Flak Vests that came out in 1970 featuring a velcro chest closure to eliminate zipper failures and complications removing the vest from wounded soldiers. They also improved the internal armor batting to prevent bunching inside the vest. VG to VG+ shows some use and fading with no major damage. All zippers and snaps work and these are solid, useable vests. EXC condition shows minimal wear, has all labels etc. EXC + is essentially unissued with possibly minor storage wear. Currently we have the following sizes / conditions available. In some of the sizes we have multiple pieces available: M69 SMALL 1970 EXC- ($175) - 2 LEFT SMALL 1969 VG+/EXC- ($185) - OUT MEDIUM 1968 EXC / EXC+ ($235) - OUT LARGE 1968 VG/VG+ ($260) - OUT X-LARGE 1969 VG+/EXC- ($275) - 1 LEFT X-LARGE 1969 EXC / EXC+ ($300) - OUT Learn More

    3/4 Collar Fragmentation (Flak) Vest

  • Bag, Cartridge, Empty. This is the standard brass / link catcher bag used on M60D systems for door gunners. Heavy brownish OD vinyl with heavy zippers and canvas chute trim. Bags are in unissued condition. They are postwar bags, but identical to Vietnam era. This system was used well into the mid 2000's by the Army. Made to fit over the yellow / green wire frame (not included). If you are putting together an M60D or have a frame in need of bag, here is your chance! We only have a few available. Learn More

    Brass Catcher Bag