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Field Gear One of a Kind - One Of A Kind

Field Gear One of a Kind

  • I have seen mixed sources stating these are WWII and others that claim they are Korean War Vintage. I cannot find a date on it so am listing it as both. These are like a standard WWII era Mosquito Bar Net in that they are designed to be placed over spreader bars used on a cot or twin bed. The bottom edge is cotton while the remainder is mesh. Most of the era nets are tan (OD3) or OD Green (OD7) but this net is in the Pacific Camo pattern. Net is in excellent condition and free from defects. This is a nice piece and they are not very common. Learn More

    WWII / Korean War USMC Camo Mosquito Net

  • This is an original life preserver kit as issued to USN and USMC aircrews. The kit consists of sea dye marker pack, shark repellant pack, whistle (1971 dated) and distress signal light (1968 dated). The kit also includes the original packing list. Learn More

    Life Preserver Kit

  • OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling. As used on the M-14 and M-16 rifles. These were designed in the late 60's to replace the cotton slings for use in a jungle environment as the nylon is more resistant to rotting. The vintage nylon slings are smooth like a seat belt vs being rough like the cotton weave. We have a small lot available in excellent used condition. There is a little oxidation on the buckles, but it will clean up easily. These have become much harder to find over the years! Learn More

    OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling

  • USMC M-1961 Equipment Belt. This is the standard pistol belt as used by the USMC with the M-61 series of gear. The belts feature a female snap that allows the M-61 pouches to be attached. This belt is in overall VG to VG+ used condition and still has a fairly legible ink stamp. Belt appears to be DSA 1967 dated and is a size M. These have gotten much harder to come by and you are seeing more and more cobbled together belts sold as legit. This is a chance for a nice, clean original example. Learn More

    USMC M-1961 Equipment Belt

  • Poncho, Synthetic Resin Coated, OD. We have a small batch of mint unissued WWII hoodless ponchos. Ponchos are the synthetic resin type with drawcord at neck, Ink stamp can be a little hard to see, but I believe all are 1945 dated. This poncho is in unissued condition and is completely pliable. The white marks in the photo are the packing talc to prevent ponchos from sticking together. These ponchos were packed in with a box of unissued late 50's dated ponchos. These ponchos have gotten much harder to find and almost unheard of in pliable condition. It would be almost impossible to upgrade these. Learn More

    WWII / Korean War USGI Poncho

  • Mosquito Net. These nets are for use with cots. This style of net was introduced by the Vietnam War, so even though these nets are new (which is good. New means no holes!), they are the "correct style." We do not have the four end poles to hold the net up, but they are out there or you can tie the corners up. 1lb 12oz Learn More

    Mosquito Net