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Field Gear One of a Kind - One Of A Kind

Field Gear One of a Kind

  • With Parachutist Helmet production stopped in early 1945, there was a need for M-1C Parachutist Helmets late in the war for the preparation for the Invasion of Japan and you the 11th ABN grabbed up as many helmet liner as they could. This is where many of the "rigger modified" helmet came from. There were also new, factory production Type II liners made between the end of WWII and the early 50's but the 11th ABN and the 82nd still had demand for Type II Parachutist Helmet liners. As a result, contracts were issued to convert existing stock to Type II liners. This helmet set is an example of a Type II Conversion fulfillment piece. The liner is a WWII Capac with steel rivets used for the A yokes and an early lightly marked web chincup. The helmet is factory repainted front seam with light texture vs heavier cork and the ABN chinstraps have green painted hardware. Josh Murray took a look at it and agreed it is a nice, solid example of a Type II Postwar contract fulfillment helmet and is likely a factory matching set with shell and liner. This set came from the estate lot of a retired Navy Seal who served from the early 70's through the 90's. Not sure where he came across it or what the story is, but it came from his storage unit. Learn More

    Post WWII / Korean War M-1C Airborne Helmet

  • Signal Kit, Illumination Mk79 Mod 0. Kit consists of 7 signal flares (Mk 80 Mod 0) and one launcher (Mk31 Mod 0). This is a super rare kit. Unlike most of the Vietnam era signal flare kits you see, these Navy kits were used only by Naval Aviators and SEAL Teams. This particular kit came from the estate of a retired SEAL CDR who served on SEAL TEAM 1 from 1972 through 1976. This kit is in fantastic, condition. There is some wear to the red printing on the outer ziploc plastic bag, I assume from being in a pocket or pouch, The inner instruction sheet is complete and all flares are present. The launcher still has the string tied up and taped to it. Set is January 1970 Dated. This set would be almost impossible to improve upon and it is rare, rare, rare! Learn More

    US Navy SEAL / Aviator Signal Kit, Illumination Mk79 Mod 0

  • Signaling Mirror, Mark 3, Type I. We have several DSA 75 dated signal mirrors. Two are used and two are "new" one new is in the box with a little storage wear, the other is wrapped in cardboard. These are all from the SEAL Estate lot that we took in. Signal mirrors are all in good shape with no damage or delamination to the mirror side. The Type I is the smaller of the signal mirrors and measures 3" x 2" Learn More

    Signaling Mirror, Mark 3, Type I

  • From the estate lot of our retired SEAL CDR, we have two "Strap, Webbing, Wrist." These are black nylon wrist straps that are essentially "upgraded" wrist bands for watches or wrist compasses. Bands are sealed in the wrap with nomenclature tag inside. Metal buckle has blackened finish and wide keeper loop for the excess strap. Priced per strap. Learn More

    USGI Strap, Webbing, Wrist (Black)

  • This is NOT a modern reprint. These are originals from our SEAL CDR estate lot. Binders are original, early 70's dated binders with Jan, 1974 dated intro letters covering the basics of SEAL training. The contents covered is extensive: diving, survival, weapons and explosives, tactics, history of the Teams, etc. Overall the documents are about an inch thick in a 3 ring binder. It is packed with information, photos and illustrations. Overall EXC- condition, showing some age to the paper and curling on some edges etc. This is a must see for the UDT / SEAL Collector. We have several available, one has the name of the owner on the front cover, one has a faint Lima Co on the reverse of the binder, etc. All are original and from the same estate lot. Buyer will receive a PDF document that I put together covering the owner's US Navy career. The bio packet includes his Naval Academy Diploma, Commission in the Navy, Promotion to Commander while in Naval Special Warfare Unit Two, ID while serving in the Middle East, a great team pic in boats, and best of all, his hand written application to be a Foreign Service Officer after his retirement. This document has page after page where he outlines his entire career in the Navy to bolster his application as a Foreign Service Officer. Learn More


  • Marked "Field Pack Cargo" this is the lower pack or "Knapsack" worn beneath the USMC M-41 Haversack when the full transport set is worn. Pack is in excellent to unissued condition and is 1967 dated. Pack is a strong, dark OD with clear ink stamp. Learn More

    USMC M-1941 Knapsack (EXC)

  • This Lightweight Rucksack is essentially unissued with only storage wear and it is as complete as could be. Bag has clear 1971 date and instruction label in the top flap. The frame is the P68 style with two upper horizontal straps. The rucksack has the cargo straps, second pattern waist strap, lower back strap, center vertical , both horizontal, etc. The rucksack also had a shelf inside the main bag (included with the sale). The pack is very, very nice. The only detraction is some corrosion on the left shoulder strap at the quick release. It could be cleaned up and repainted or left as is. I assume it got wet in storage. This rucksack, like many other items we have currently up for sale, is from the estate of a retired US Naval Academy Graduate who on to serve over 20 years in the SEAL Teams and retired as a Commander (O-5). Learn More

    Lightweight Rucksack #1