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Personal Items

Personal Items

  • Military Style Wristwatch. This is a newly made watch that is perfect for reenacting. Period styling with metal case, stainless steel back, black 24 hour face, luminous hands and green or black nylon band. Watch has quartz movement (uses battery Size SR626SW) and is water resistant. If you have been searching for a decent, affordable watch for reenacting, this is it! Learn More

    Military Style Wristwatch

  • USGI Canvas Shower Bucket. We have two "shower buckets" available (DSA 69 / 70 dated). These are both in excellent used condition showing some dust from storage riding around on vehicles. They feature a canvas bucket with heavy strap to allow the bucket to be suspended. There is a galvanized shower head on the bottom of the bucket that can be twisted open and closed to allow the water to flow making a field shower. These are great to use in a firebase set up, field shower, on vehicles etc. Hard to find VN dated examples and these are in nice condition. Priced per bucket. Learn More

    Canvas Shower Bucket, USGI

  • Handkerchief, USGI. These are VN era handkerchiefs in OG-107. All cotton, these handkerchiefs measure 17" square. These are the "old school" thin pocket handkerchiefs used to wipe ones brow and blow your nose. They ARE NOT large enough to wear on your head as a "do-rag". For that you need to look at the neckerchiefs or muslin bandages. Due to the thin nature of the cotton, they were not individually ink stamped but the master cartons and packs have DSA stamps / inserts with 1960's dates. Priced per piece. Learn More

    Handkerchief, USGI

  • Reproduction Type IIA Insect Repellant Bottles. The bottle on the left is an original and the bottle on the right is our reproduction. Comes empty and holds 2 fluid ounces. 0.5oz Learn More

    Reproduction Type IIA Insect Repellant Bottles

  • USGI Sunburn Preventative Cream 68' dated. These tins are unissued and still have the original contents. Cans may have some wear from storage or very minor dings around edges. There were two main styles made during the late 60's. The green tin with black print usually has a 1967 DSA code and green tin with yellow print usually has either a 1968 or 1969 DSA code or no DSA code at all (just the master carton being dated), but they were all produced in the 60's. Depending on availability we usually have both styles available. You can mark your preference below IF you have one and we will do our best to accommodate it if inventory allows. Learn More

    USGI Sunburn Preventative Cream

  • Patient Effects Bag. "AWOL Bag" (cotton bag with drawstring closure and rubberized internal pocket). These are still sealed in the original contract wrappers. Outer wrappers vary based on manufacturer, but they are all unissued and period correct. These are great for storing valuables in your pack. Learn More

    Patient Effects Bag