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M-14 Accessories - Weapons Related

M-14 Accessories

  • Bandoleer Re-Pack Kit, M-14. Repack kit consists of one 6 pocket cotton bandoleer, 6 cardboard inserts, 12 stripper clips, and a magazine charger. This is the standard repack kit for 7.62 ammunition for the M-14 Rifle. M14 Repack parts have gotten extremely scarce. Learn More

    Bandoleer Re-Pack Kit, M-14

  • Bandoleer, M-14, 6-pocket, cotton body and strap. Most are clearly 60's dated. These are the "short" bandoleers that hold the 5 round stripper clips. Bandoleers are marked for 5rd clips of 7.62. Learn More

    Bandoleer, M-14

  • "Hollywood" M-14 Blank Adapter (BFA) for M14 / M1A Rifles. These are "Hollywood" BFAs and cannot be seen when installed. Simply loosen the set screw on the front of the site base, remove the castle nut, remove the flashider, inset the adapter into the flashider (narrow end out) and reassemble. Priced per BFA, flashider not included. Blank adapters are machined from cold rolled 1018 steel for durability. All of our M14 BFA's come with the "starter" stock aperture size of 0.110 which should work in most rifles with the weaker Austrian L31A1 blanks. It will also work as a pilot hole to drill them out for more powerful blank loads (primarily European military .308 blanks or USGI Blanks). It is important to note that even though they use same nomenclature designation, there can be a difference in power based on country of origin. For example, British Radway Green L31A1 blanks (head stamp RG) are hotter than Austrian L31A1 (head stamp HP). For most blanks, you will need to enlarge the hole. Below are some rough guidelines for sizes that we have found to work. This is very important! Guidelines for Drilling Out Blank Adapters: Swanson (.187) USGI Blanks (.171) Radway L31A1 Blanks (.136) Austrian L31A1 Blanks (.110) *These sizes work in both semi and full auto in a USGI H&R M14. They may take some tweaking for your rifle. Speak with the manufacturer of your blanks to get a ballpark starting range! This information is included as a guide. We are not responsible for damaged weapons or body parts! CHECK FIRED BRASS FOR DAMAGE. IF THE BRASS IS MANGLED, THE APERTURE IS TOO TIGHT AND NEEDS TO BE OPENED. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, ASK THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR BLANKS WHAT SIZE HOLE HE RECOMMENDS! FAILURE TO USE THE CORRECT DIAMETER HOLE CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND / OR DAMAGE TO YOUR RIFLE Learn More

    "Hollywood" M-14 Blank Adapter (BFA)

  • Marked: Case, Maintenance Equipment, Small Arms, M14-A1. These nylon pouches are designed to hold the M14 cleaning kits (they can also be used for some small misc. accessories) and include a plastic tube insert to hold the bore brush. Pouches measure 4"x6" and have a nylon tie closure with ALICE clip on the rear. NOS, unissued condition with late 60's to 70 DSA dates. Learn More

    M-14 Cleaning Kit Pouch, USGI