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M1911A1 Holsters & Accessories - Weapons Related

M1911A1 Holsters & Accessories

  • Standard issue "Hip Holster" for the M-1911 and M-1911A1 pistols. These holsters are genuine military contract holsters. Holster manufacturer on back may vary depending on availability, but they are all marked and have the government contract number. These are all "real" USGI holsters. Hard to find real holsters and you can't beat the quality! Holsters are in unissued condition. Because these are New Old Stock, you need to exercise care when first opening the holster. The leather is tight and dry and if you just pull on the flap, you WILL pull out the male press stud and ruin the holster. You need to gently work the flap the first couple of times and it is even better if you condition the leather and then use care opening. Once they have been used, there is no problem. Learn More

    Holster, M-1916, USGI

  • Standard issue "Shoulder Holster" for the M-1911 pistols (will also fit the Beretta M9 series) . Commonly seen in use by aviators, tankers, etc. These holsters are in new condition and made by government contractors. They are not import copies. Holsters are complete with NSN codes, etc. Learn More

    Holster, M-7 (M1911 .45 ACP)