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Slings - Weapons Related


  • OD Cotton M-1 Rifle Sling. As used on the M-14 and M-16 rifles. Our USGI Pattern Web Slings are produced here in the United States to the original USGI Specs with the correct shade of 1.25" wide OD#7 webbing for late WWII to Vietnam era slings and MIL-SPEC Parkerized hardware (NOT the shiny black or the mixed color metal finish seen on imported repro's). All of the hardware on the slings is from a major US Producer of US Military Contract Hardware. These are hands down the best new made sling you can get. Slings will fit any US Military / Commercial Firearm with 1- 1/4" wide sling swivels. Learn More

    OD Cotton M-1 Rifle Sling

  • OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling. As used on the M-14 and M-16 rifles. These were designed in the late 60's to replace the cotton slings for use in a jungle environment as the nylon is more resistant to rotting. The vintage nylon slings are smooth like a seat belt vs being rough like the cotton weave. We have a small lot available in excellent used condition. There is a little oxidation on the buckles, but it will clean up easily. These have become much harder to find over the years! Learn More

    OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling

  • Chi-Com AK Sling. These are original, 1960's / 1970's vintage military surplus Chinese Type 56 slings designed for use on the AK Rifle. This style sling features a leather tab at one end of the sling that laces through a square buckle creating a loop at the rear of the sling. The leather tab is affixed to the front of the rifle and the rear loop is run around the sling swivel at the rear. We have the hard to find 1960's brown slings as well as the late war / post war Bright Green. The stamping on the brown slings translates to: SLINGS FOR TYPE 56 7.62mm SUBMACHINE GUN (The Chinese referred to the Type 56 AK and subsequent versions as sub-guns until the Type 81 Auto Rifle) Learn More

    Chi-Com AK Sling

  • Chi-Com SKS Sling. These are original 1960's vintage, military surplus Chinese Type 56 SKS slings designed for use on the SKS Rifle (they can also be used on an AK). This style sling features leather tabs at both ends of the sling. These are older, harder to find brownish / tan color. Learn More

    Chi-Com SKS Sling