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Boonies - Uniforms & Clothing


  • OD Boonie, Rip-Stop, Original. These are original OD Cotton Rip-Stop boonies. Boonies are right out of the original carton and have the removable insect net included. We only have small sizes available currently (6 7/8) Learn More

    OD Boonie, Rip-Stop, Original (6 7/8)

  • ERDL Camo Boonie, Rip-Stop, Reproduction. These are outstanding boonies that match our ripstop ERDL jungle fatigues. Correct details throughout including square chin cord keeper, small screened eyelets, HBT nylon band, brim stitching, labels, etc. They look incredible! Learn More

    ERDL Boonie, R/S

  • Advisor Sparse (Gold) Tiger Stripe Boonie, Reproduction. These boonies are part of a run that is a limited partnership and they are available solely through us in the US. Boonies feature a 2.25" brim, CM size ink stamp, two grommet vents on each side as well as sewn foliage loops. M = 58cm L = 60cm Advisor Sparse Tiger Stripes are a mid-war pattern from the Vietnam War and are commonly seen in use from 1968 on through the end of the war. Their use was widespread amongst LRRP / Ranger Units, SF, SOG, CIDG and ARVN units. They are often referred to as "Gold Tigers" based on how they would fade into gold tones and purple blacks. When reproduced, traditionally everyone has tried to recreated this faded look to get the desired colors but the hardest was the purple faded black. These sets have that hard to recreate fade color and purple black and will continue to change with age. Learn More

    Advisor Sparse (Gold) TS Boonie