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Inventory Update: New Items

We just listed several new items including a nice pair of Nomex Helicopter pants in size LR, a sleep shirt in size M and a 3/4 Collar Flak Vest in size XL.Read More

President’s Day Sale

Fire Mission! Moore Militaria is having a giant President’s Day Sale with 30% off on in-stock Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripes, OG-107 Utilities, 1st Pattern, 2nd Pattern and 3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigues, ERDL Jungle Fatigues and NVA Uniforms! We need to …Read More

Inventory Update: Field Jackets #2

The Generals agree that winter is here for another six weeks. In response we have listed a host of vintage M51 and M65 Field Jackets ranging in size from Small to Large! See the “What’s New” page for details. …Read More

Inventory Update: Field Jackets

Cold weather is here! We have several new field jackets / coats that we just listed. USAF N3B Flying Jacket (heavy parka), M-1951 Field Jackets and an M-1951 Field Jacket liner. Don’t miss out on your chance to beat the …Read More

Inventory Update: SMG Ammo Pouches

We just received a small lot of unissued sub-machine gun ammo pouches. These are made to hold 30rd stick magazines for the M3 Grease Gun, Thompson, Swedish K, etc. See the Newly Listed page for details.

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Holiday Cyber Sale

Holiday Sale! Get ready for Santa, he is sending a package your way! It is a Holiday Cyber Sale! We are having a cyber sale this week through Friday. Take 20% off of most uniforms, insignia, weapon accessories and tactical …Read More

XM148 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher

The Vietnam War saw the first practical use of dedicated grenade launchers versus the rifle grenades of WWII and Korea. The M79 Grenade Launcher was revolutionary. It was light weight, accurate and had a range of up to 300 …

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Inventory Update

Just in time for the cold weather! We have a nice selection of Field Jackets and winter wear in sizes S through L. M-51 Field Jackets, N3B Flight Jackets and USAF Field Jackets. We have several more pieces to add …Read More

Body Armor: Vietnam Use and Development

Body armor and flak jackets have been something sought after by armed forces around the globe to protect their troops from arms fire and shrapnel. Developed to prevent death and lessen injuries, body armor has been used in war combat …

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Inventory Update

We have several new items listed. We have three OD Cotton USMC M-41 Haversacks as well as a 68 dated Nylon USMC M-41 Haversack. We also have a nice, 1968 dated 3/4 Collar Flak in size Large available.Read More