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What's New - Inventory Updates

Inventory Update

We have ERDL Jungle Fatigues back instock in size LR. We also have JWD tigerstripes in Small, Medium and Large instock.

Inventory Updates

We have Tadpole Uniforms in size small back instock. We also have a limited amount of tadpole berets instock as well. On the insignia front, we were finally able to get Staff Sergeant (E-6) Subdued Sleeve Rank back instock. We also have the reproduction USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouches on hand and ready to ship.

Fatigue Restock

We finally have our restock of fatigues in. We now have all sizes available in poplin 1st, 2nd and 3rd model jungle fatigues as well as Tadpole Tiger Stripes. We will be unpacking today and over the weekend. Any back orders should be shipped no later than Monday. http://www.mooremilitaria.com/apparel.html

Newly Listed Item

We just listed an unissued set of aircrew armor in size long on the Newly Listed Page and One of a Kind Page.

Newly Listed

See the Newly Listed for lots of new items including M55 Flak Vest, M6 Bayonet Set, WWII Ponchos and more!

New Items and Restock

Lots of new items added today. We have M-42 Carlisle pouches back instock (both VG and EXC), Unissued Shelter Half Sets, A VN vintage USMC FIghting Knife, USMC M-41 Haversack in Nylon, 2 Cell Subgun Pouches, Shotgun Ammo Pouches, a Large Nomex Flight Shirt, M60D Brass Catcher Bags and more. Please see the Newly Listed Page for details.

Newly Listed Items

We have lots of new items listed. 1967 Pilot Survival Knife, 1964 dated M1916 Holster, Water Purification Tablets, C Rat Spoons, Claymore Bag, and more. See the newly listed page for details.

Inventory Update!

We have lots of new items on the website. You can get a quick glance on the Newly Listed Page. ERDL Utility Covers, USGI 20rd Magazines, Original Mitchell Pattern Helmet Covers, M-67 Belts back instock, M-56 compass pouches back instock in G and VG, NOS VN Dated Holsters, Branch of Service Ascots and more!

Inventory Update

We have lots of new items on the Newly Listed Page. Our restock of ERDL and OD Green boonies is here and ready to ship. We also have a new run of "in-country" style ERDL Utility Covers for USMC / Navy Impressions. We have also added some USGI Contract 20rd magazines and a Claymore Mine Practice Set. A small stash of excellent condition air mattresses was found in the warehouse and we have listed them back instock as well. We still have some M60 barrel bags and WWII Ponchos as well. Finally, as you may have already seen, we have created a set of prepackaged uniforms from Apocalypse Now including Captain Willard, Lt. Col Kilgore and Col Kurtz. http://www.mooremilitaria.com/newly-listed.html

Inventory Update

We have several new items instock. We just received a new shipment of bipods and there were a lot of Colt marked in the lot. We also have restocked on M60 Spare Barrel Bags. We almost have the new 18th MP subdued twill patches finished and will post new photos as soon as they are done. http://www.mooremilitaria.com/newly-listed.html