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New Items Listed

We have several new items that have been listed on the site recently. Go to mooremilitaria.com, click on the “shop now” button and check the newly listed page for details. We have added a nice BAR belt, M-41 Haversack in …Read More

The XM16E1 Rifle

Development In 1958, the United States military evaluated two prototypes being considered as a new standard issue infantry rifle. One of the requirements identified as centrally important for the new rifle was reduced weight. A lightweight rifle would allow soldiers to carry more equipment, …

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Inventory Update

We have added a pair of jungle boots in size 9R to the page and also received a new shipment of 1st model OG-106 ball caps. We now have sizes: 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, and 7 1/2. …Read More

Inventory Update

We have added many new items to the site recently and have more to go. In the past few weeks we have added 1950’s and 60’s dated bandages. We also listed a pair of 69 dated leather combat boots in …Read More

Inventory Updates

We added several new items in the past few days. We have a pair of unissued original panama sole jungle boots in 11R. We also added some 60’s dated 1qt canteens and OD Cotton Canvas Tripod Covers. We should have …Read More

Inventory Update

Lot’s of things going on here at the shop. We listed a nice, solid VG used M-67 Buttpack on the website today. We also finished adding photos to some of the pouches in the Tactical Gear Section. We went on …Read More

New Items: Hot Weather Flyer’s

We added two pair of Hot Weather Flyer’s pants (size SL and ML) to the site as well as a nice Flyer’s shirt in size XL Short. Also working on expanding some more of the pouches on the Tactical Gear …Read More

Inventory Update: Tadpole Tigers

All sizes of tadpole tigers are back instock and ready to ship. If you have an order on “hold” waiting for tadpole tigers, your order will ship today. Thanks for your patience!Read More

New Items

We added two new field jackets to the One of a Kind Page including a USAF Field Jacket and a nice M-51. Also would like to point out some other new items on that page. We not have a limited …Read More

New Items: OG-106 Ball Caps

We have a small stash of 1960’s dated OG-106 ball caps that just came in. They are in overall EXC used condition. Sizes include: 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, and 7 1/2. See What’s New Page in the store …Read More