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What's New - Inventory Updates

New Items

We have several new items on the Newly Listed page. Mitchell Pattern Shelter Halves, Jungle Boots in 9R, a nice BAR belt and some extremely nice WWII Hoodless Ponchos. We will also be receiving our final shipment of new fatigues tomorrow including 1st, 2nd and 3rd pattern as well as ERDL jungle fatigues. As a result, all fatigues will be instock in all sizes.Read More

New Items and Shipping Updates

We have two Mitchell Pattern Shelter Halves in stock. These have really gotten hard to find over the years and every early to mid war USMC display needs one! We also have a shipping update for international customers. We have been torn on 1st Class shipping. When offered, we have customers who complain about the time it takes to receive the item and we have also had problems with high value packages being lost. I think we have a good compromise that we are working on. We will again offer 1st Class shipping for international sales, but only on orders UNDER $50. If an order has a value greater than that, it must be sent via USPS Priority or Express. As per our previous policy, orders shipped 1st Class are at the customer’s risk due to poor tracking and lack of insurance.Read More

Jungle Fatigue Restock

We just received a “mini” shipment of OD Jungle Fatigues in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd patterns. For the most part, we have some available in all sizes (save for a few missing here and there). This is not a deep …Read More

Inventory Update

We just listed several new items including a pair of jungle boots in 10W, a really nice M67 buttpack and a claymore mine practice set. See the Newly Listed page in the store for details.Read More

Inventory Update: New Items

We have added several new items including 1963 dated M1916 Holsters, 2nd Model Jungle Boots, 3rd Model Jungle Boots, an XM148 Handguard, Jungle 1st Aid Pouches, and an M60 Spare Barrel Bag. Click on “Shop Now” above and it will …Read More

Spring Cleaning Time!

It is time for some Spring Cleaning! We still have some uniforms that we need to move to make room for our new run. For one week only, take 25% off of in-stock sizes only for Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripes, …Read More

Inventory Update: New Items

We just listed several new items including a nice pair of Nomex Helicopter pants in size LR, a sleep shirt in size M and a 3/4 Collar Flak Vest in size XL.Read More

President’s Day Sale

Fire Mission! Moore Militaria is having a giant President’s Day Sale with 30% off on in-stock Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripes, OG-107 Utilities, 1st Pattern, 2nd Pattern and 3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigues, ERDL Jungle Fatigues and NVA Uniforms! We need to …Read More

Inventory Update: Field Jackets #2

The Generals agree that winter is here for another six weeks. In response we have listed a host of vintage M51 and M65 Field Jackets ranging in size from Small to Large! See the “What’s New” page for details. …Read More

Inventory Update: Field Jackets

Cold weather is here! We have several new field jackets / coats that we just listed. USAF N3B Flying Jacket (heavy parka), M-1951 Field Jackets and an M-1951 Field Jacket liner. Don’t miss out on your chance to beat the …Read More