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1st Aid Pouches & Accessories - US Field Gear & Equipment

1st Aid Pouches & Accessories

  • M-56 1st. Aid / Compass Pouch The standard pouch for a compass or bandage. Priced per pouch. Three grades available G condition is heavily faded and used, but fine for field use. VG have better color and are overall nicer. EXC show minimal signs of use and fading. See below in misc. section for VN dated 1st Aid Dressings. Learn More

    M-56 1st. Aid / Compass Pouch

  • These are original, 1960's production 1st aid dressings / bandages. Bandage is in a clear plastic wrapper with an outer cardboard box. The master cartons are dated from 1960 to 1965. These are the standard size bandages to carry in your M-56 Compass / 1st Aid Pouch, USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch, or Medic Bags. Please note we have two different FSN numbers depending on availability. FSN 6510-201-7435 and FSN 6510-201-7455. Both are listed as "Bandage, 1st Aid, Field, Camouflaged, 4 x 7 inches." They just have different FSN numbers. Priced per bandage. Learn More

    1st Aid Dressing (Bandage), 1960's

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, USGI. These sodium bicarbonate packets were used to treat burn victims. Standard issue in the USMC Jungle 1st Aid pouch and commonly found in M56 pouches with the dressing. 1965 dated master cartons. Priced per packet. 1oz Learn More

    Sodium Bicarbonate, USGI

  • These are original USGI contract compressed cotton muslin bandages. These cravats are packed with two safety pins and can be used as a bandage, sling, headwrap, etc. Also referred to as a do-rag, drive on rag, etc. When you see photos of a an OD Green "bandana" being worn, it is one of these bandages. They are OD green cotton and measure 37" x 37" by 52". These are post war manufacture, but exactly the same as 1960's production. We also have some desert tan bandages as well. They are the same as the OD, just different color. Learn More

    Compressed Muslin Bandage

  • These are excellent reproductions of the USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch with all of the features of the originals: M-1910 hook, heavy webbing back strap, internal dividers, etc. Every set of Marine 782 gear should have a jungle 1st aid pouch and original pouches have become increasingly hard to find so this is a perfect solution. These were often worn on the back of the SEAL Float Coats as well on the M-1910 hanger tab located at the neck. Learn More

    USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch