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Uniforms & Clothing

Uniforms & Clothing

  • These are Vietnamese made PAVN Jungle boots as used by NVA, VC and PAVN forces. Boots are canvas and have a rubber sole and toe cap. We have had these for years and kept them in our film rental stockpile. I have listed them with metric sizing as well as a rough equivalent US size. They are marked on the inside with Moore MIlitaria and a shoe size. We have two grades available, used and excellent. For the most part, the used show very little wear and just have some dirt on them that will clean up. The new appear unworn. These boots have become very hard to find. All are Vietnamese surplus except for the used pair in size 10. They are French made Wissart, but the size is very hard to come by. Learn More

    PAVN / NVA Jungle Boot

  • This are USGI elastic laces used for both flak jackets and some field jackets. These are sold in a set of two. Each string or lace is approximately 46 inches long and will lace one side of a flak vest. If you have a vest with paracord or that the elastic has dry rotted, this is for you! Unissued condition. Learn More

    Elastic Laces for Flak Vest / Field Jacket

  • Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripes. A Moore Militaria exclusive, and available solely through us, these are our custom reproduction Tadpole Tiger Stripes. These have incredible detail including color, fabric, dish buttons, green thread, YKK zipper and simple ink stamp for size in garment. Classic "advisor" cut which is correct for this pattern. Coat features two double button chest pockets with inward facing bellows, left sleeve cigarette pocket, and hanger tab in neck (C2B-EXP-3P1 style). There is photo evidence of Tadpole Sparse being used in Vietnam as early as 1964, so it will work very well for early and mid-war impressions as well as later. Available as a set or as separate pieces. See below for matching boonies and berets. Sleeve lengths and inseams are "regular" length. Sizing Note: Please note that the measurements given are the actual measurements for the waist and chest. There is no vanity sizing. If you wear a 34 in jeans, they may actually measure a 36 so please be sure that you know your actual waist and chest size when ordering. Learn More

    Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripe Shirt

  • After years of putting these uniforms together, we have finally decided to list them as their own item. This is the classic uniform for Lt. Col. Kilgore from Apocalypse Now. If you have ever felt the need to state your love for the smell of napalm in the morning, this is your chance! SEE BELOW IN BOLD FOR DETAILS: The package includes our reproduction 2nd or 3rd pattern jungle fatigue coat and pants (in the stills you can see side take up tabs and the button for the gas flap. This means he either has a 2nd model coat with epaulettes removed or a very rare transitional coat that never had the epaulettes. So either a 2nd or 3rd can be used for this impression). Package also includes a brass buckle trouser belt and the following subdued insignia: Pin-On Lt. Col with Cavalry Branch, Kilgore and US Army Name Tapes, Merrowed 1st Cavalry Division Patch, Merrowed Ranger Tab, Senior Army Aviator Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, US Parachute Qualification Badge, and Vietnamese Parachute Qualification Badge. Please note the Vietnamese Para Qual badge shown in the photo is the "color" version with the yellow star. We have started producing the subdued version with OD star which matches the screen shots from the film. All insignia is shipped loose. A Cavalry Yellow Ascot may be added below for an additional $15. All insignia is shipped loose. Photos showing insignia attached are for reference only. Cavalry Stetson, Aviator Sunglasses and Holster not included.There is a slight upcharge for 2XL and 3XL as the belts and uniforms have additional cost. *PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO LACK OF INVENTORY ON OUR POPLIN FATIGUES, WE HAVE MODIFIED THE PACKAGE TO INCLUDE THE REPRODUCTION RIPSTOP FATIGUES (NOT SHOWN BUT YOU CAN LOOK IN THE UNIFORM SECTION UNDER 3RD PATTERN FOR PHOTOS) AND LOWERED THE PRICE. Learn More

    Lt. Col. Kilgore Uniform Package

  • Jungle Boots, Reproduction. These are new made jungle boots by Rothco with panama soles, green canvas uppers and black leather. Overall they look pretty good, but they will not have the durability of USGI boots. That being said, they are perfect for reenacting. Available in whole sizes only. Imported. Learn More

    Jungle Boots, Reproduction

  • This is a really cool uniform set. Custom, incountry tailor made shirt and pant set. It is cut like a pair of 1st model OG-107's. Straight pocket flaps, flat brown buttons, two pocket shirt, four pocket pant, etc. However, the shirt and pants are made from ripstop cotton vs heavy twill. He also had them made with short sleeves and pen pockets added to each sleeve with a zipper fly and simple slide closure waist. This makes for a lightweight set of fatigues. Sizes are large. The shirt measures 23" laid flat so it will work for a 44 or 46 chest. It is 32.5" from the base of the collar to the bottom of the shirt. Pants measure 19" laid flat at the waist, so a 38" waist with a 29" inseam. The pants also have 2 inches in the cuff to be let out. At 29" they would hit about ankle height on someone with a 31 inseam, so shortened for comfort with boots. There are no tags or maker marks in the uniform. To top if off, the set features all incountry insignia. Name tapes, wings and rank. All are embroidered on a blue twill fabric. Both shirt and pants are in perfect, unissued condition. This is a really neat uniform. Learn More

    USAF Incountry OG-107 Utility Set, Ripstop

  • Classic Ascot / Scarf in Green Dominant ERDL Camouflage. For wear with Class B khakis and some utility uniforms. Learn More

    Ascot: Army Camouflage (ERDL)

  • Classic Ascot / Scarf in Yellow for Cavalry or Armor Branch. For wear with Class B khakis and some utility uniforms. Learn More

    Ascot: Cavalry / Armor Branch

  • Classic Infantry Blue Ascot for wear with Class B khakis and some utility uniforms. Learn More

    Ascot: Infantry Branch

  • Utility Cover, ERDL, Reproduction. This is a great reproduction of the incountry made USN / USMC style utility covers in Greem Dominant ERDL camo. These are made from the same material as our Poplin ERDL Jungle Fatigues (so they are lighter than the heavy twill or Mitchell Pattern Canvas covers) and have features consistent with period production such as single front panel stitching, reinforced front panel, vents, etc. These covers were popular incountry items during the war. Simple ink stamp size inside the crown. Learn More

    Utility Cover, ERDL, Reproduction