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Uniforms & Clothing

Uniforms & Clothing

  • We have an excellent reproduction of the famed Okinawa Boots available. These boots are made in Portugal by Pike Brothers of Germany and are a faithful recreation of the originals. Before now there has not been a good option for these boots. Originals are near impossible to find and sell at $800 when you do find them, so at that point you do not want to wear them. The Oki Boots repro years ago vanished and there are some terrible Chinese reproductions floating around that use original photos to lure you in and then sell you something that looks like it was made in kindergarten fashion class. These are made on a traditional "regular" width last, so order your regular boot size if you are whole size (unless you have wide feet you may need to bump up). If you are a half size, order the next size up. Please note these are made in European sizes (42 = 8R, 43 = 9R, 44 = 10R, 45 = 11R, 46 = 12R) and the sizes are on the box are correct, BUT underneath the buckle cuff (where it cannot be seen) the manufacturer was off by one shoe size on the marking, so for example an American 12R will be marked 13R. Don't panic, it is still a 46 / American 12R. Due to cost, we only brought in a few pair to try out in a sizes 8 through 12. Size 13 are available from the manufacturer and if we hear from people that is something they want, we can bring them in. Delivery time is about 3 days to us from Germany when we place a large order for boots. So if you need a 13 let us know you would be interested and we can expand the sizes we carry. For background, the Okinawa were made in the 1950's and are the US Army's first attempt at a modern jungle boot. The boots are basically WWII Double Buckle boots that have been redesigned with canvas parts for tropical climates. The lug soles were still stitched to the body of the boot so they could be replaced vs the later use a vulcanization process. The boots are often seen worn by early advisers who departed for Vietnam from Okinawa, hence the name. Learn More

    Okinawa Boots

  • Jungle Boots, Reproduction. These are new made jungle boots by Rothco with panama soles, green canvas uppers and black leather. Overall they look pretty good, but they will not have the durability of USGI boots. That being said, they are perfect for reenacting. Available in whole sizes only. Imported. * A note on fit: if you wear a half size, you will likely want to order down vs up. I have had several clients state these boots run a little large. Learn More

    Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern, Panama Sole, Repro

  • Classic Ascot / Scarf in Yellow for Cavalry or Armor Branch. For wear with Class B khakis and some utility uniforms. Learn More

    Ascot: Cavalry / Armor Branch

  • Classic Infantry Blue Ascot for wear with Class B khakis and some utility uniforms. We have new made ascots as well as a few vintage 1969 packaged ascots. Learn More

    Ascot: Infantry Branch

  • After years of putting these uniforms together, we have finally decided to list them as their own item. This is the classic uniform for Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. The perfect uniform / costume for your next party! The package includes our reproduction 1st pattern jungle fatigue coat and pants, a brass buckle trouser belt and the following insignia (subdued unless noted): Sew-on Colonel with Infantry Branch, KURTZ and US ARMY Name Tapes, Cut-Edge Color Special Forces Patch, Combat Infantry Badge, US Parachute Qualification Badge, and Green Felt Leadership Loops. All insignia is shipped loose. There is an option below to add a green beret with 5th Special Forces Flash and Bright Pin on Colonel Rank to complete the impression. We should be taking orders / shipping by 3rd week of January 2022 Learn More

    Col. Kurtz Uniform Package

  • After years of putting these uniforms together, we have finally decided to list them as their own item. This is the classic uniform for Lt. Col. Kilgore from Apocalypse Now. If you have ever felt the need to state your love for the smell of napalm in the morning, this is your chance! SEE BELOW IN BOLD FOR DETAILS: The package includes our reproduction 2nd or 3rd pattern (poplin or ripstop) jungle fatigue coat and pants (in the stills you can see side take up tabs and the button for the gas flap. This means he either has a 2nd model coat with epaulettes removed or a very rare transitional coat that never had the epaulettes. So either a 2nd or 3rd can be used for this impression). Package also includes a brass buckle trouser belt and the following subdued insignia: Pin-On Lt. Col with Cavalry Branch, Kilgore and US Army Name Tapes, Merrowed 1st Cavalry Division Patch, Merrowed Ranger Tab, Senior Army Aviator Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, US Parachute Qualification Badge, and Vietnamese Parachute Qualification Badge. Please note the Vietnamese Para Qual badge shown in the photo is the "color" version with the yellow star. We have started producing the subdued version with OD star which matches the screen shots from the film. A Cavalry Yellow Ascot may be added below for an additional $20. All insignia is shipped loose. Photos showing insignia attached are for reference only. Cavalry Stetson, Aviator Sunglasses and Holster not included. Millerhats.com is a great source for Cav Stetsons. Learn More

    Lt. Col. Kilgore Uniform Package

  • Shirt, Sleeping Man's, Nylon TriAcetate OG-106. Commonly referred to as a sleep shirt or "jungle sweater" this knit pull overs are perfect to add warmth by wearing under a jungle coat. We have a small lot in VG+ to EXC- used condition. They are free from damage and are not worn thin (as many are). We have checked them over and I do not see any holes or real damage, just some light wear. Late 1960's dated, we only have size SMALL at this time. Learn More

    Sleep Shirt, Man's

  • ERDL Camo Boonie, Rip-Stop, Reproduction. These are outstanding boonies that match our ripstop ERDL jungle fatigues. Correct details throughout including square chin cord keeper, small screened eyelets, HBT nylon band, brim stitching, labels, etc. They look incredible! Learn More

    ERDL Boonie, R/S

  • Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern, Vibram Sole. These are excellent reproductions made in Portugal by Pike Brothers of Germany. Excellent quality and eye for detail, these boots are made like the early 3rd patterns without the spike protective plate. The boots are made on a wide last, and are available in whole sizes, 8 through 12. As they are a wide, they run a little larger than a regular width. If you wear a half size, drop down vs ordering up. The original mesh "do not boil" insole could not be reproduced with satifactory results so it was decided to just not include an additional insole. By having the wide last, this will allow you to put whatever insole is most comfortable for you (for example any of the store brand, Dr Scholls, etc). The the market on original Vibram sole boots breaking the $350 a pair mark, why risk a mint pair having soles that crack or destroying a piece of history. Learn More

    Jungle Boots, 3rd Pattern, Vibram Sole

  • ERDL R/S Beret. These berets are custom made for us with our exclusive 100% cotton, Green Dominant Rip-Stop ERDL. Berets are lined in black cotton and have a simple stamp for size. Rear of beret has two vent holes and cloth adjustment string. The size M is 58cm and the size L is 60cm, though the draw strings allow them to have some range in fit. The M can be snugged down to cover a 7 1/8 and the L can fit up to a 7 3/4. Learn More

    ERDL R/S Beret