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US Field Gear & Equipment

US Field Gear & Equipment

  • Poncho, Synthetic Resin Coated, OD. We have a small batch of mint unissued WWII hoodless ponchos. Ponchos are the synthetic resin type with drawcord at neck, Ink stamp can be a little hard to see, but I believe all are 1945 dated. This poncho is in unissued condition and is completely pliable. The white marks in the photo are the packing talc to prevent ponchos from sticking together. These ponchos were packed in with a box of unissued late 50's dated ponchos. These ponchos have gotten much harder to find and almost unheard of in pliable condition. It would be almost impossible to upgrade these. Learn More

    WWII / Korean War USGI Poncho

  • We have a small of of original USMC Jungle 1st Aid kits that are 100% complete including the ever elusive 3 pill bottles and 18 bandaids. Three of the pouches have the boxed set of 18 bandaids and one has the 3 sealed plastic packets of 6 each. Pouches are in excellent condition are 66/67 dated. Two have original pack sheets and two have reprinted sheets. Pouches with original pack sheets are sold out. These have much harder to come by in the last few years and are rarely seen with ALL of the correct contents! Learn More

    USMC Jungle 1st Aid Kit, Complete

  • These are original USGI contract compressed cotton muslin bandages. These cravats are packed with two safety pins and can be used as a bandage, sling, headwrap, etc. Also referred to as a do-rag, drive on rag, etc. When you see photos of a an OD Green "bandana" being worn, it is one of these bandages. They are OD green cotton and measure 37" x 37" by 52". These are post war manufacture, but exactly the same as 1960's production. We also have some desert tan bandages as well. They are the same as the OD, just different color. Learn More

    Compressed Muslin Bandage

  • This is an excellent condition M17 Gas Mask set with accessories. Mask is a size M and dated 1965. The set also includes the complete decon kit and waterproofing bag. Overall a nice, complete set that has gotten much harder to find in this condition! Learn More

    M-17 Gas Mask Set, 1965

  • These are excellent reproductions of the USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch with all of the features of the originals: M-1910 hook, heavy webbing back strap, internal dividers, etc. Every set of Marine 782 gear should have a jungle 1st aid pouch and original pouches have become increasingly hard to find so this is a perfect solution. These were often worn on the back of the SEAL Float Coats as well on the M-1910 hanger tab located at the neck. Learn More

    USMC Jungle 1st Aid Pouch

  • Current production USGI plastic canteen yoke / retaining strap for the 3 piece design 1qt and 2qt canteens (3 piece design is body, cap and yoke or retaining strap). These yokes will fit canteens made from the 1960's through today and are used to secure the cap to the body of the canteen. Priced per piece. Replacement caps available. Learn More

    Canteen Yoke, Replacement

  • Tiger Stripe flight Helmet Bag. This is a great reproduction helmet bag that features two large outside pockets with Velcro and snap closure and two inner slip pockets inside the bag (ideal for sunglasses, spare parts, visors, etc). The bag also features a padded body for helmet protection, carrying handles, hanging clip, two D Rings for a shoulder strap attachment (such as a GP Strap) and a metal zipper. Learn More

    Tiger Stripe Flight Helmet Bag

  • USGI L-Handle Canteen Cups. This is the correct style cup for WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Some of the cups are dated, some are not (as a general rule manufacturers stopped marking canteen cups with dates after 1965. All are USGI and most are in overall VG used condition BUT they are either missing the L Handle completely or are missing part of it. They still work well as canteen cups and fill canteen pouches, work as cups / bowls, etc. They just don't have a handle to fold out / fold out all the way! Learn More

    USGI L-Handle Canteen Cup, Grade II

  • Signal Marker SRU-22P. These were US Air Force contract panel markers often carried in survival kits to be used to signal rescue aircraft. Kit contains pieces of white nylon and is Feb 68 dated. You see many of these dated from the early 70's but the 60s dated are harder to find. Learn More

    Signal Marker SRU-22P

  • The Individual First Aid Kit was part of the Marine Corps M-67 Field Gear development. This pouch and plastic insert was designed to replace the old style jungle 1st Aid Kit. These kits are both DSA 1970 dated so they are NOT later ARMY pouches. One pouch is in a little better shape than the other, but the one with a little more wear is marked on the bottom MAG41 DALLAS. This is from Marine Air Group 41 that was stationed in Dallas, TX. No contents, just the pouches and inserts. Learn More

    Individual First Aid Kit