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Weapons Related

Weapons Related

  • We have two different M79 Grenade Launcher buttstocks for sale. Both are orginal and VN wartime era. One is wood and the other is fiberglass. The fiberglass buttstock originally came out of a 1970 dated package and is in unused condition. Both buttstocks are missing the rear sling swivel. The fiberglass buttstock has the recoil pad installed. The wood stock does not have the recoil pad installed. I found a black recoil pad that fits it well, but do not have the screws to attach it. You could use just about any wood screws on it. The wood stock is in overall VG+ to EXC - used condition. These would be good to replace a damaged / cracked stock or perhaps to upgrade the stock on an airsoft or display grenade launcher. Priced per stock. Wood stock is sold. Learn More

    M-79 Grenade Launcher Buttstock

  • Bag, Cartridge, Empty. This is the standard brass / link catcher bag used on M60D systems for door gunners. Heavy brownish OD vinyl with heavy zippers and canvas chute trim. Bags are in unissued condition. They are postwar bags, but identical to Vietnam era. This system was used well into the mid 2000's by the Army. Made to fit over the yellow / green wire frame (not included). If you are putting together an M60D or have a frame in need of bag, here is your chance! We only have a few available. Learn More

    Brass Catcher Bag

  • OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling. As used on the M-14 and M-16 rifles. These were designed in the late 60's to replace the cotton slings for use in a jungle environment as the nylon is more resistant to rotting. The vintage nylon slings are smooth like a seat belt vs being rough like the cotton weave. We have a small lot available in excellent used condition. There is a little oxidation on the buckles, but it will clean up easily. These have become much harder to find over the years! Learn More

    OD Nylon M-1 Rifle Sling

  • USGI M-16 20rd Magazine. These are vintage production USGI contract magazines with the aluminum followers. We have magazines manufactured by Colt, Adventure Line, Simmons and Universal. These manufacturers were government contractors during the war and the magazines are "correct" for Vietnam War era contracts. Overall VG to VG+ used condition with some finish wear. Magazines all work well. US sales only. Do not order if your state has a high capacity magazine ban. Learn More

    M-16 Magazine, USGI, 20rd

  • M60 Spare Barrel Bag. These were used to carry a spare barrel / bipod for the M60 along with change mitt, tool, etc. Overall very good plus to excellent used condition, the bag does not have any holes or tears and all zippers work. Colors and markings may vary slightly as they are an issued item. Bag includes a General Purpose (GP) strap added for a carry strap. Learn More

    M60 Spare Barrel Bag

  • Bandoleer Re-Pack Kit, M-14. Repack kit consists of one 6 pocket cotton bandoleer, 6 cardboard inserts, 12 stripper clips, and a magazine charger. This is the standard repack kit for 7.62 ammunition for the M-14 Rifle. M14 Repack parts have gotten extremely scarce. Learn More

    Bandoleer Re-Pack Kit, M-14

  • Chi-Com AK Sling. These are original, 1960's / 1970's vintage military surplus Chinese Type 56 slings designed for use on the AK Rifle. This style sling features a leather tab at one end of the sling that laces through a square buckle creating a loop at the rear of the sling. The leather tab is affixed to the front of the rifle and the rear loop is run around the sling swivel at the rear. We have the hard to find 1960's brownish tan slings as well as the late war OD Green. Learn More

    Chi-Com AK Sling

  • This is the fourth pattern XM3 Bipod Case for the M3 Bipod. The case is made from nylon and is intended for use with the M-16 rifle. These OD nylon carriers were designed to carry the basic folding M3 bipod. Unlike the 2nd and 3rd pattern, this pattern does not have a side pocket for a cleaning rod as rifles were being produced with trapdoor buttstocks and the separate cleaning kit pouches were in wide use. These are in VG+ to EXC- used condition showing no damage, just some storage and use dust, etc. Learn More

    XM3 Bipod Case, Nylon (4th Pattern)

  • Rifle Bore Cleaner. We finally found another small stash of rifle bore cleaner. Bottles are 1969 dated and are 2 ounce size. Straight from the original cardboard box. This is for a sealed case. Learn More

    Rifle Bore Cleaner, Sealed Case

  • This is a USGI tripod cover for .30 cal machine guns. Covers will protect the tripod head and pintle while extending partly down the legs. Cover will work with a WWII M2 Tripod (for 1919's) and the Vietnam era M122 ( for use with the M60). Covers are heavy OD Green canvas with aluminum zipper. They are in unissued condition. The outer paper wrappers are dated 1973 and are torn from storage, but the covers are fine. Learn More

    .30 Cal Tripod Cover, USGI