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M-16 Accessories - Weapons Related

M-16 Accessories

  • "Hollywood" M-16 Blank Adapter (BFA) for M16 / AR15 Rifles. These are "Hollywood" BFAs and cannot be seen when installed. Simply remove the flash hider and drop in the adapter with the narrow end facing the out towards the end of the flash hider and the broad end against the base of the muzzle. The price is $15 for one BFA or $25 for a set of two. If you would like to purchase a set of two, you can mix sizes. Select the size for the first BFA from the first drop down box and if you would like a set, select the size for the second BFA from the second drop down box.

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    "Hollywood" M-16 Blank Adapter (BFA)

  • M-16 BFA Magazine Tilt Adapter. As many of you have learned first hand, blank adapting M-16's and AR-15's can be sometimes be a little tricky. In many situations, the problem has to do with short casings and the angle on the rounds leaving magazine. The test / solution for this has always been to put forward and upward pressure on the magazine while firing. In many cases this eliminated the problem, but now you have to constantly have a hand on the magazine. This tilt adapter is the permanent solution to this problem. It fits securely under the pistol grip and has tabs to hold onto the trigger guard. The prong in the magazine well puts forward pressure on the magazine ensuring proper alignment. These are ready to be painted. Mags may fit tight and some magwells may need light sanding inside to work properly. Learn More

    M-16 BFA Magazine Tilt Adapter