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Canteens, Cups & Covers - US Field Gear & Equipment

Canteens, Cups & Covers

  • Current production USGI plastic canteen yoke / retaining strap for the 3 piece design 1qt and 2qt canteens (3 piece design is body, cap and yoke or retaining strap). These yokes will fit canteens made from the 1960's through today and are used to secure the cap to the body of the canteen. Priced per piece. Replacement caps available. Learn More

    Canteen Yoke, Replacement

  • M-56 Cover, Water Canteen. We currently have several grades available. P Poor condition are extremely rough. Most of these have a tear that is at least half the length of the body. You could try to repair it or use it for a project. It maybe somewhat serviceable, but when I say these are rough and very abused, I mean it! F Fair condition are rough overall. They are heavily used and have some decent size damage. They may have decent size holes or tears but could be repaired and are 100% serviceable to hold a canteen as is. Overall think faded, not good looking, these will have tears / holes / abrasions / repairs / stains etc, BUT they will work as a canteen cover. G Good condition are a little rougher than the VG, but serviceable. Better than the fair condition, they have seen use and fading, but are still reasonably solid. They have some smaller holes / wear damage at the corners, along seams or other high wear area, but no real major body damage. These are solid field grade canteen covers that you could repair or use as is. VG Very Good condition are free from any major defects. They can have some minor frays, abrasions etc. Overall they will have fairly good color and are in overall solid, used condition. A good useable canteen cover with lots of life left in it. EXC Excellent condition are nice covers showing minimal use such as light wear from a canteen cup or minor shelf wear to no use. Nice color, ink stampings, etc. Learn More

    M-56 Canteen Cover

  • USGI L-Handle Canteen Cups. This is the correct style cup for WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Some of the cups are dated, some are not (as a general rule manufacturers stopped marking canteen cups with dates after 1965. All are USGI and most are in overall VG used condition. Learn More

    USGI L-Handle Canteen Cup

  • 2qt. Canteen, New. These are the same pattern as the late Vietnam dated 2 quarts. Just throw it in your Nam era cover. Why damage your dated 2qt at a reenactment? 7oz Learn More

    2qt. Canteen, USGI, New

  • Current production USGI 1 qt. canteens, 3 piece design. Same size and shape as Vietnam era canteens, just a little darker OD. Safer and more reliable for actual field use than 30 year old plastic. Learn More

    1 qt. Canteen, USGI, New

  • We have several 1968 / 69 dated 5qt canteen sets. The covers are DSA 1868 and the caps are all 1969 dated. These are all "the real deal;" USGI issue and have the correct YS marked caps that are dated as well. They are used with some soiling to the covers and they could use a could cleaning or display as is. Do not be fooled by all of the canteens at auction you see in the box. The vast majority of the 5qts you see for sale are reproductions from China and not USGI issue. These are guaranteed to be original, USGI and came from the estate of a retired US NAVY SEAL Commander (O-5) Learn More

    5qt. Canteen Set, 1968 / 69